7 Indicators Your Marriage is Destined to Last

Marriage is a serious commitment, and those who have been in a long-term relationship will attest to this fact. Although celebrities may make it seem like a whimsical experience, marriage takes effort, time, and patience. However, some couples have been fortunate enough to find their perfect partner and build a marriage that lasts for years to come. Based on surveys and research, here are seven proven signs that your marriage is destined to last.

Honesty and Openness: Relationships require vulnerability, but opening up to your partner and sharing your feelings can strengthen the bond between you both. If both you and your partner can communicate comfortably and openly, then your marriage has the potential to last.

Focus on the Positive: It’s easy to focus on your partner’s negative traits, but highlighting their positive qualities can enhance your marriage. Shifting your thoughts towards your partner’s good traits instead of their shortcomings can help your relationship last longer.

Extravagant Wedding: Research has shown that couples who celebrate their wedding with more than 200 people are 12.5 times less likely to get divorced. This indicates that a large wedding could signify a lasting marriage.

Financial Stability: Couples with a combined income of $125,000 or more per year are 51 percent less likely to get divorced. Money cannot buy love, but financial stability can reduce financial disputes that can lead to divorce.

Fair Fights: Every relationship has arguments, but when couples focus on resolving the conflict instead of insulting each other, it’s a sign of a healthy relationship that is likely to last.

Lengthy Courtship: Couples who dated for at least three years before getting married are 39 percent less likely to get a divorce. This period allows couples to know each other better and make adequate life plans before tying the knot.

Honeymoon: Couples who go on a honeymoon after their wedding are 41 percent less likely to get divorced. This trip can help release the stress accumulated during wedding planning, and it is an opportunity to reconnect and start the marriage off on the right foot.

In conclusion, these seven signs can indicate that your marriage is destined to last. Although there is no perfect formula for a lasting relationship, working towards building a strong foundation for your marriage can lead to a long and fulfilling life together.

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