These Will Be the Most Popular Luxury Home Features in 2024

Sotheby’s says that health features like cold plunge pools, massage rooms, and other rooms are in style right now.

Luxury homes are often called “dream homes” for a reason: they have incredibly lush features like large floor plans, high-tech tools, decor fit for the rich and famous, and gardens that are perfectly shaped. But the bar is raised every year, and in the most exclusive real estate groups, a new trend takes over.

We looked at the 2023 Luxury Outlook report from Sotheby’s International Realty to get an idea of what features will be most popular in high-end homes in 2023. This report was based on polls of the company’s top agents who work with mostly $10 million and up listings. All of them talked about the expensive requests their clients are putting on their wish lists, and yes, they also showed off some stunning pictures.

You can get ideas for your own home from these unique features, even if these homes are too expensive for you. Or you could just sit back and enjoy the view.

1. Saltwater Pools

2. Massage Rooms

3. Cold Plunge Pools

4. Wine Cellars

5. Energy-Efficient Fireplaces

6. Water Purification Systems

7. Floor-to-Ceiling Windows

8. Well-Kept Gardens

9. Cork Spray

10. Electric Car Charging Stations

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