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Heartbroken Bride’s Mother Invites Homeless to Four-Star Hotel Banquet Feast

Wedding preparations are never easy, especially when you’ve invested months and thousands of dollars in planning the perfect day. However, it’s never fair to back out of your commitment, especially when it’s at the last minute. When the groom in a Sacramento, California, couple called off the wedding at the eleventh hour, it was not only devastating for the bride but also her family who had spent so much time and money on the wedding preparations.

Despite the heartache and sorrow, the bride’s mother, Kari Duane, refused to let all the food they had prepared go to waste. Instead, she invited over 120 homeless people to enjoy the lavish banquet feast at a four-star hotel.

The would-be bride’s family decided to invite Sacramento’s homeless residents to enjoy the feast after the groom got cold feet and called off the wedding with less than a week to go

Kari Duane believed that it was only right to give back to others who deserved it more. “When I found out on Monday that the wedding would not be taking place, it just seemed like, of course, this would be something that we would do to give back,” Kari told KCRA.

Kari explained that it was a perfect opportunity to show gratitude and kindness to people who are less fortunate. The banquet was attended by various people, including families, children, and elderly individuals, who were either too old to work or were financially challenged and couldn’t afford to pay rent.

The first person to arrive was a woman who lived in a shelter, and at that point, Kari knew that it didn’t matter if no one else came. “I was thinking at that moment, if she’s the only person that comes tonight, this was worth it,” Kari said.

Quinn Duane’s mother and father at the ‘fall dinner’ for the homeless that was originally intended for their daughter’s wedding guests

However, to her surprise, more people arrived, including Rashad Abdullah and his family, who were grateful for the meal. “When you’re going through a hard time and a struggle, for you to get out to do something different with your family, it was really a blessing,” Abdullah said.

Tamara Dotson, a homeless mother, said that even though she loves the food at the shelter, she had never tasted something like the meals served to them that day. The meal, originally intended for the 120 wedding guests, was prepared by the hotel’s four-star Grange restaurant and included salmon and steak as well as appetizers, salad, and gnocchi.

The would-be bride’s mother Kari Duane said her daughter was too devastated to come, but she added: ‘I will take away something good from this’

This heartwarming story not only shows the generosity and kindness of the Duane family, but it also highlights the struggles that homeless people face every day. It is an important reminder to be grateful for what we have and to show kindness to others who are less fortunate.

In the end, the wedding’s hefty price tag also included a non-refundable honeymoon to Belize, which Ms. Duane and her daughter went on together. This inspiring story is a testament to the power of love and kindness, even in the face of heartache and adversity.

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