Why guys like women who are slim. Number 2 is a bit sensitive, but always true – Quotes

Why guys like women who are slim. Number 2 is a bit sensitive, but always true

1. Most people think thin women are beautiful.

Their arms and legs are very thin, and their bodies are very tight and don’t have any folds. There’s no question that they are pretty. Because they stand up straight, they look great in body-fit dresses and high heels. And that doesn’t even count the times they are in Lin… (all right, goodbye)

2. People think that thin women are physically quick.

I don’t mean to be mean to my plus-size queens, but you know what? Skinny girls really rock those guys. They’re better because they’re lighter, easier to handle in bed, and so on. Men who are just as busy in bed wouldn’t want to be lied to. Picture the TV show Game of Thrones.

3. Most people believe that thin women are healthy.

You may be shocked because you know a tiny girl who eats junk food all the time and can’t walk more than three blocks. The same thing happens to my best friend. But guys want to think that they are healthy than plus-size women because they walk quickly, have flat bellies, and smaller waistlines, among other things. (I know you rolled your eyes again.)

4. It looks like having kids is good for thin women.

People believe that thin women are healthy since their bodies look like they can handle anything and they have less fat. Some people think this makes their wombs stronger and better able to carry a baby.

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