There are three things that make a woman cool and make men want to be with her.

She loves you the way you are.

You should feel lucky to have a girl who likes you just the way you are and wants to be with you. You just need to love her forever.

These days, everyone wants their partner to do and change things the way they want them to. It’s wonderful to be with someone who loves you just the way you are. They only want love from you.

2. She lets you be alone.

Some people believe that women who give their guys space are the coolest.

Yes! You read that right. The girls know that you want to be with them and love them, but you also have other people in your life. They want you to have enough space to do what you want. Knowing these things makes life easier.

3. The past is over

“The present and the future are more important than what happened in the past” is when a girl grows up.

There is no question that you are with the right person. People can make their lives worth living if they understand this. She knows she can’t change what happened, so she tries to enjoy the present.

Here are some ways to find out if your girlfriend is the coolest.

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