Guys have dreams too, even if you don’t believe it. They want a great person who cares about them and a happy, interesting life. They want you to make them happy and make their dreams come true. We could tell you the eight things every man wants from a woman. Read on to learn these tips that will help you become the right kind of woman for him.

HIM SURPRISE HAS BEEN FUN FOR HIM. You should work really hard to surprise your partner. Anything is possible! Plan a fancy dinner for two, take him on a fun trip, or draw him a picture. You can pick from so many things!

You should tell him the truth. Men don’t like to lie. You need to get down to business with him right away. If you want to be friends with him, do everything you can to do so. He will love it.

HE LIKES TO TALK TO YOU IN DEPTH. The main thing that most guys want is to find someone they can talk to about real things. What he says should make you think. Read interesting books with him and play games that make you think.

He enjoys it when you’re interested in him. Your man wants you to take care of him when he gets home from work. When you see him at home, smile at him, kiss him, and eat with him.

He likes it when you take care of yourself. All men love certain women. You know you’re good when you love yourself.

He wants to know how pleased you are. You should be really happy with your partner. He will be happy if you tell him.

You should trust him. It can be hard for women to understand that guys need space from women. You should let your partner hang out with his friends if he wants to. He will trust you if you trust him.

He wants to be important. Watching people is not fun for anyone. You need to make him feel better and like he’s important.

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