Am I Jerk For Changing Locks So Girlfriend’s Sister And 2 Kids Won’t Move In

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“I (27M) have been dating my girlfriend Ashton (26F) for 2 years and we live in the house that I own. Ashton’s finishing up her masters program so I don’t charge her rent. I pay for all the housing expenses and in return she chips in on groceries, utilities and some of the household chores. But I pay the lions share of all household expenses. I’m cool with this situation till she graduates and we have always communicated well until now.

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Ashton has a hot mess of a sister named Anna (28F). Anna has burned most of her bridges with her family. She has two kids by two different dads. Been married and divorced twice. Hops from one sketchy boyfriend to another. Always in and out of work. Always complaining about her situation instead of actually doing anything to solve it. I gave up on her last year when she dated this loser who obviously didn’t like kids. And she kept dating him against me and her sisters advice. Well she moved into his place. And this Saturday we got a call that they were breaking up and she had nowhere to go this time. She hadn’t been working and didn’t have rent money. Ashton asked me if we could take them in. I said absolutely not. Her sister was a leech. Also that I didn’t want kids in my house. I work from home half the time and don’t want 3 extra people in my space. Also I don’t wanna get involved with her sister at all. I’ve supported her plenty over the last few years (rides, babysitting, etc) and I’m done.

My girlfriend didn’t take this well and said she would help her sister if she could. I said fine, let me know where you take her and I’ll bring by some food but it won’t be my house. My girlfriend tried saying it was her house too. I said when she started paying the mortgage she could decide who lives here.

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So her sister tried calling me individually. I told her the same reasons and told her I’d bring food by when she finds a place. I also gave her the number of multiple organizations that could help her. She got offended. Well I was at work yesterday (sales) and I noticed on my ring camera Anna/her kids unlocking my front door with a bag on her shoulder. I called my girlfriend and asked her immediately what was going on. She said Anna needed a place to go for a few hours while her ex moved out of the apartment.

I asked how she got in the house as I locked it. Ashton said she made Anna a key months ago in case she ever needed to get in. I was furious and told her to tell Anna to get out or I’d be calling the police. Ashton called and Anna left. Not before calling me an AH. So I decided today to change the locks and get a new garage access code. Ashton will have to request access through the garage and I will give access. Ashton is upset. But I told her that this is gonna be the way it is until her sister finds a place. Because I can’t trust that I won’t come home and find 2 kids and a woman living in my house. Did I go too far here? Please don’t be afraid to criticize.”

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