Blac Chyna Says She Will Be Walking Across The Stage For Her Doctorate Next Month

Fans will soon see Blac Chyna trade in her curve-hugging fits for a cap and gown! The beauty entrepreneur revealed she’ll walk across the graduation stage next month for her doctorate.

Chyna, occasionally going by her legal name Angela White these days, first shared news of her degree in April. While appearing as the latest Caresha Please guest, Chyna explained that the Sacramento Theological Seminary and Bible College nominated her for the doctorate of liberal arts.

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“So anybody can get a doctorate’s degree, like Oprah had got one, Denzel Washington and a few other people. So, its different colleges that can nominate you and they go out and they advocate for you, everything that you’ve done in your career and then you’re granted it from that college. And it just so happened to be a bible college.”

Though she received the degree on January 17, she says she will join the graduation festivities in June. In April, PEOPLE reported that getting the doctorate requires high school transcripts, a recommendation from the student’s pastor, and paying the program’s tuition in full. However, while talking to Yung Miami, she repeatedly denied any claims that she paid for the degree in any way.

“No, definitely didn’t pay for it. Nope, and I’ll be walking in June.”

Chyna Shares Update On Relationship With Tokyo Toni And Rates Her Own Mental Health A Seven

Earlier this year, Chyna’s mother, Tokyo Toni, ruffled internet users with erratic videos associating her daughter with the Illuminati and alleging she’s “marked for death.” Chyna didn’t return any of the energy online. When she finally addressed the videos, she revealed she blocked Tokyo on social media and her phone while making it clear the love is still there–a sentiment she echoed on Caresha Please.

“I haven’t spoken to my mom, but I love my mom. I think she’s the most funniest person in America, you know what I mean. I just feel like she’s just misunderstood and we just don’t really see eye-to-eye right now and hopefully one day we’ll see eye-to-eye. But just right now, I don’t see it.”

When Caresha asked, Angela confirmed their status “makes [her] sad sometimes.” She says she hopes one day, Tokyo Toni will wake up with “a different conscious” and look at what she’s doing online and choose differently.

Chyna doesn’t take it upon herself to correct her mother. Instead, she lets her do her.

“I just let her be and on my end, just always respect her and that’s really it.”

It’s unclear when the episode was filmed. However, Chyna has an Instagram feed post from April 18 that shows her wearing the same pink wrap dress she wore in the episode. At the time, from what she told Miami, she had recently reached out after six months of silence. But she claims Tokyo was still on the “same vibe” from the videos, so she blocked her again.

As far as why they don’t get along, Chyna says she doesn’t understand but suggested it might be their current paths in life misaligning.

“When I try, it’s always something. So, I can’t even focus on that, I gotta focus on my kids and what’s going on now, you know what I mean. Once I focus on myself, then everything else will kinda trickles under cause if something happens to me, nobody can’t help me. Nobody’s gonna help my kids. Yeah, they could be there for them, but there’s nothing like losing a mother.”

A few days ago, we saw Chyna and Tokyo reunite in a video of Tokyo showing a tattoo she got in celebration of her daughter’s birthday. It’s unclear when they started speaking again.

Mentally, Blac Chyna says she sits on a seven on a scale from 1 to 10.

“Cause I’m still trying to figure out things as they go, but not really much so figuring out cause imma let faith kinda guide me. It’s one of those things to where as though it has me on edge because I gave up all the things that was making me money in a negative way. So it kinda makes you be kinda nervous, and kinda scared. But at the same time I’m still like secure and grounded cause I know that God ain’t gon do nothing that’s going to like put me in a bad situation.”

She echoed that God knows her heart and how she cares for the people around her, from her two kids, King and Dream, to her staff.


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