Brian McKnight Demanded Estranged Daughter Reveal Sexual History and Number of Partners in Bitter Court Battle

Brian McKnight demanded his estranged daughter Briana tell him how many sexual partners she had and the nature of each encounter — as part of her lawsuit against her dad.

via Radar Online:

As first reported, Brian’s estranged daughter Briana sued him for defamation in 2020. Briana’s mother is a woman named Patricia Driver.

Brian had Briana while he was married to his then-wife Julie, who he has two sons with named Niko and BJ. The singer is currently married to his current wife Leilani Malia Mendoza. The entertainer has taken on Leliani’s kids as his own. He’s recently caught backlash for praising his stepchildren while publicly acting like his biological kids don’t exist.

In her lawsuit, she claimed her famous father had spread a “vicious lie” about her online. Briana said Brian told his followers that she had been “engaged in sexual relations with an older cousin” when she was a minor.

In her complaint, Briana described her relationship with Brian as an emotional rollercoaster. She said as a kid she was close with BJ and Niko but never with Brian.

“At times their relationship was cordial, and at times it became strained or all but non-existent,” Briana explained. She said they had sporadic contact for years. Briana said Brian never revealed her as his kid publicly and she kept the secret for years.

In 2018, Briana said she reached out to Brian in an effort to establish a bond. However, she accused him of dismissing her efforts. The following year, she decided to write a post about growing up with an absent father on her Instagram. She said she never mentioned Brian by name or provided any clues to who he was.

Despite not naming him, Briana said Brian fired back by making the claims about her and a cousin on his Instagram in an attempt to cause her emotional distress.

He said, “And unfortunately along the way, a couple years ago I caught wind that there was an older cousin who was above 18 who was quite possibly having sex with her.”

She claimed Brian was trying to save his image by “publicly stating that Briana was a promiscuous and incestuous minor, and thereby (he hoped) undermining Briana’s credibility regarding a post that did not even identify him.”

Briana was adamant she “never engaged in any sexual contact of any kind with any relative of any age while a minor or otherwise.” Brian denied all allegations of wrongdoing and demanded the suit be thrown out.

In newly discovered documents, obtained by, we’ve learned as part of the case Brian demanded Briana answer sensitive questions.

The two fought over whether Briana had the right to demand she hand over a list of all her sexual partners prior to August 15, 2019.

Briana demanded the court not force her to turn over the answers. She said she would answer whether she had sexual relations with any relative but didn’t feel Brian was entitled to further responses.

She said Brian asked her to “Identify all persons with whom you had sexual contact of any kind prior to August 15, 2019.” Further, he wanted her to “Describe each sexual encounter you had prior to August 15, 2019, including the person involved, their age at the time, the place the encounter occurred, and the nature of the encounter (e.g., kissing, holding, petting, intercourse).”

Lastly, he wanted her to “Identify all persons you referred to as a “boyfriend” prior to August 15, 2019.”

Brian argued the information was relevant to the case.

In February, Brian and Briana reached a deal to dismiss the lawsuit before the case went to trial.

It’s sad to know Brian turned out to be such trash.

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