Chlöe Bailey Taking Off Her Lace-Front Wig Is the Realest Thing You’ll See Today – Viral News

Chlöe Bailey Taking Off Her Lace-Front Wig Is the Realest Thing You’ll See Today

Celebrities–they’re just like us. At least sometimes. Singer and actress Chlöe Bailey gave a rare behind-the-scenes glimpse into her life as she tried to remove the fluffed-out, caramel-colored wig she wore to the Los Angeles premiere of The Little Mermaid.

In the TikTok video aptly titled, “me vs the wig” Bailey struggles to remove the lace front wig covering her long natural locs.

“As a girl with locs, I’m very new to the lace-front community,” she shares. “We’re going to see how to get this off because I’m not trying to rip my edges off.”

Bailey shares that in doing her “research” she was told to try using oil to lift the glue holding the wig in place and tries to put castor oil on it, saying, “I specifically chose castor oil, because I’m not trying to lose my edges.”

In the funny clip, she struggles with the wig, eventually switching to rubbing alcohol for further lubrication.

“I’m not trying to walk around and look like this the whole da*n day,” she jokes. “This was just for fun and dress up!”

The 24-year-old singer playfully sings, “Help me, Jesus,” while adding, “I’m not trying to rush, but… I’m trying to rush.”

She speeds up the video adding that she is using alcohol on the skin and oil on the hair, saying, “We’re finally getting somewhere.”

Bailey smiles as the wig starts to lift revealing the protective cap and her locs underneath.

She appropriately ends the funny clip with, “I’m free at last.”

Bailey shined on the red carpet at the premiere of the highly-anticipated film starring her little sister Halle Bailey as Ariel.

She wore a lemon-yellow, cutout gown designed by Gert-Johan Coetzee according to Teen Vogue.

In her photos from the night, she sweetly called herself, “the flounder to her Ariel.”

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