Couple Wins $2.6 Million Lottery Only To Learn Few Days Later Their Son Is Now C*ncer Free

Couple Wins $2.6 Million Lottery Only To Learn Few Days Later Their Son Is Now C*ncer Free

They say that money cannot buy happiness, but it can come pretty close. For Allison and John McDonald of Stockton-on-Tees, United Kingdom, winning 2 million pounds ($2.6 Million) in the lottery is not even close to the best or most surprising thing that has happened to them in 2019.

Allison and John McDonald live in Stockton-On-Tees, United Kingdom, and the couple recently explained to Metro what their life had been like over the years helping their 15-year-old son, Ewan, battle c*ncer.

While we are certain their son’s disease had been a financial challenge, their recent lotto winnings are sure to be a huge help in that effort.

And a few months ago, the couple was delighted to learn they would be starting off 2020 with $2.6 million pounds in their bank account thanks to winning the December 18, 2019 lotto draw. The couple had been long-time players of the lottery, and they told Metro that they always dreamed of scoring big right around Christmas time. However, this wasn’t the best news they would receive.

There Are Things More Important Than Money

If the McDonald’s were given the choice between winning millions in the lottery or having their 15-year-old son fully recover from c*ncer he was dealing with, it is clear which they would choose. Their son was struggling, and it probably was a strain on the couple financially and emotionally as well. No amount of money in the world could have taken away the pain that the McDonald’s felt for their young son, and winning 2.6 million pounds showed them immediately how unimportant money really is.

What an opportunity to get their son the best possible treatment no matter the cost or the place.

They sit down ready to figure out what happens next and the answer is NOTHING!

Ewan is c*ncer-free and able to live his life again. The joy and happiness of winning the lottery are replaced by the deeper and more important joy of having their son back and Ewan having his life back. It seems like everything is falling into place for the McDonald’s. Becoming millionaires overnight and then finding out just three days later that their son was c*ncer-free, it is a story for the ages.

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