Damson Idris Discusses Personal Connection to Last Scene as Franklin

Awards can not compensate for the performance given by the cast of FX’s crime series, Snowfall. With Franklin Saint’s fate now sealed—regardless of fan acceptance—actor Damson Idris is reflecting on the journey, recalling one of his favorite and poignant scenes of the entire series.

In an interview with GQ, the British actor spoke candidly about playing the California teen turned drug kingpin during the height of the crack epidemic for the last six seasons and what part stood out as his favorite, noting that “It’s always going to be that last scene.”

In his final act, Idris impressively ad-libbed several of his lines, including yelling to a John Singleton character, “You ain’t going to win no Oscar.” Idris added his own contribution to the script in the last moments with Leon, portrayed by actor Isaiah Jon, in which Franklin tells him, “You’re my best friend. Best friend I ever had, and I’m proud of you.”

“I truly believe I ended giving everything I could as a performer in correlation to this character,” the 31-year-old said. The Swarm actor said saying that to Leon, “That’s something that I always wished my father said to me,” adding that “So it kind of just came out.”

Idris shared that Jon had reportedly been “struggling to get to the emotional place that he wanted to get to, and I said that. And he went straight up snot bubble, and so did everyone else. So that moment was really special, man. And it was just a perfect way to tee up the character, tee up the story.”

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