Daughter Inherits Nothing but Old Jacket from Millionaire Dad, Sees Tiny Pocket Sewn to It

A daughter is dismayed to learn her father left her with nothing but an old jacket she’d gifted him with her first salary. However, when she found a hidden pocket inside it, she thanked her father for leaving it to her.

Julia and Peter were still young when their mother, Agatha, died in a car crash. Following her death, their father, Edward, raised them all by himself until they were married and settled.

Edward was a millionaire businessman, and he was frequently busy with work, but he was always there for Peter and Julia. However, when his old age approached, and he wanted his children to be beside him, Peter didn’t even bother asking him if he needed help.

It was Julia who stepped in to care for him and did so for almost seven years, after which Edward left for his heavenly abode.

Julia took care of Edward’s funeral by herself. | Source: Pexels

After Edward died, Julia handled the funeral arrangements on her own, and Peter only flew in because he was eager to meet the lawyer and learn what their father had left them.

When the lawyer disclosed that Peter would receive Edward’s mansion, and Julia would only receive a torn old jacket from her father, with the remainder of the money going to charity, Peter was enraged about the fact that Edward left the money for charity!

“What? Why would he do such a thing? Why didn’t he leave it to us?” Peter snarled.

“Well, Mr. Lawson,” the lawyer stated solemnly. “It was your father’s wish to have his assets distributed this way. Now that you have all the necessary paperwork, kindly excuse me. I have some folks waiting for me outside.”

As Peter and Julia walked outside the lawyer’s office, Peter was still upset that Edward had left the remaining money to charity. However, when he saw Julia’s pale face, he couldn’t resist mocking her over the “useless inheritance” she’d gotten.

The lawyer revealed the inheritance Edward had left for his children. | Source: Pexels

“Jesus!” he smirked. “That old man really duped you, Julia! You looked after him for years, and what did you get in return? An old leather jacket? Thank God I saved myself from the misery of helping him.”

Though Julia was disappointed that Edward had not left her anything of worth, she respected her father’s decision and was taken aback when she heard Peter speak so disparagingly about Edward.

“For God’s sake, Peter, show some respect for dad! You’re here today because he worked tirelessly to help you! Can you please stop whining about him?”

“I feel pity for you, Julia! I can’t believe you’re defending him after he left you with that piece of crap! You know what, you’re too dumb to see that he was just using you! Have a happy life with that stupid jacket!” he mocked her as he walked toward his car and drove away.

Julia sighed, staring at her father’s jacket in her hand. “Why did dad have to be so partial? I understand the emotional value matters more, but Peter is not completely wrong,” she sadly thought.

Julia was upset as she looked at the jacket. | Source: Shutterstock

Peter was a businessman just like Edward, and he was based out of New York. His wife and children had only visited Julia once, and since then, it had been as unusual as oil and water combining, primarily because Julia was a single mother raising her daughter Natalie on her own after her husband left her.

Peter was wealthy but stringent and a miser at the same time. He was afraid that Julia would ask him for financial help if they got too close, so he had almost cut off all connections with her. Julia, on the other hand, wasn’t wealthy, but she had a decent job that could support her and Natalie.

Unfortunately, one day, Natalie fell from the stairs at her school and hurt her legs severely. She needed surgery to be able to walk again, but Julia knew she didn’t have enough funds for it.

Julia broke down and called Peter for help, but he firmly refused her. “Hey, Julia, I’m sorry, but that’s a huge amount! I can’t just give it to you like that!” he said.

Peter refused to help Julia. | Source: Pexels

“Please, Peter! I beg you,” she pleaded. “I’m not going to be able to afford Natalie’s surgery! I’ll loan it from you!”

“Well, then, you gotta think about other ways ’cause I am not helping you out. Who knows, you may not even pay me back ever! So goodbye!” he said and hung up.

“Peter….hello…hello?” He had already disconnected the call, and Julia was crying her heart out, not knowing how to help her 6-year-old daughter. She couldn’t believe Peter was so mean to her!

Back in the days when Peter was a schoolboy, Julia’s parents were struggling financially, so being the elder sister (they had an 8-year gap), she donated her scholarship money for his education. But now when she needed help from him, he turned her down.

Julia was distraught when Peter didn’t help her. | Source: Pexels

In the next couple of days, Julia brought Natalie home from the hospital, hoping she’d gather the money for the surgery in 4 to 5 months. At this point, she also regretted Edward’s decision of leaving her with nothing. If only he’d left her with some of his money instead of the jacket, she wouldn’t have to struggle like that.

One day, while she was collecting clothes for the dry cleaning, Julia came across Edward’s jacket again. She was planning to give it away to someone when she suddenly noticed a hidden pocket inside that she hadn’t seen before.

The pocket was made of a different material than the rest of the jacket and was undoubtedly sewed to the jacket by a novice. The threads were loosely hanging out from the sides, a different color than the rest of the coat, and it appeared like someone had tried their best but failed to sew it properly because it was completely sealed with only a tiny gap on its top.

“Why would someone sew a pocket like that inside such an old jacket?” Julia pondered as she sat on her bed and began unsewing it.

The pocket was oddly sewn onto the jacket. | Source: Pexels

The cloth patch ultimately came off as the threads were removed, and inside, she found a note addressed to her. She recognized Edward’s handwriting on top, opened the note to read it, and discovered a crumpled $2.3 million check inside! Julia couldn’t believe her eyes as she read the letter.

“I will never forget you, Julia. Don’t think your father disregarded you. I didn’t want Peter to know about the money, so I secretly hid it here. I know how cunning he is, so I figured this was the best way to ensure the money reached you safely. Besides, you are too generous, Julia, I know that. That’s why my final request from you is this: Don’t share this money with Peter. I know how selfish and money-minded he is. Thank you for loving me and looking after me all these years.

With love,

Your father,

Edward Lawson.”

As Julia read the note, tears streamed down her cheeks. “Oh, Dad!” she cried. “Thank you! I’m sorry I doubted you! You came through for me when I needed it the most! Thank you…”

The next day, Julia went to the hospital with Natalie and scheduled the surgery immediately. It took some time for Natalie to recover, but she eventually did.

On the other hand, Peter tried to sell the mansion he’d inherited, but it was in such a terrible state that nobody bought it from him. Edward was smart enough to give each of his children what they deserved.

What can we learn from this story?

Kindness is always rewarded. Julia took care of her father in his last days, and he paid her back for her generosity by helping her with Natalie’s surgery.
Have faith in God’s plan; he never leaves his children in trouble. When Julia was lost and didn’t know what to do about Natalie’s surgery, God sent her help through Edward.

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