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Elderly Man Cries After Family Refuse To Attend His Birthday, Strangers Celebrate With Him

An elderly man from Mexico was celebrating his 61st birthday at a restaurant in the city of Boca del Rio, which is located on the east coast of Mexico in Veracruz.

This occasion is grant and joyous because of the venue and the reason for the celebration. After all, all milestones should be celebrated.

Alas, that clearly wasn’t the case for this poor gentleman.

Restaurant goers watched in growing concern as this man came in by himself, and then proceeded to set up the decorations on his own.

He must have been expecting a sizeable number for what appeared to be his own birthday party – several tables were decorated, beautiful streamers were laid out, and some cheery birthday hats were placed down.

So the question was– where was the rest of this gentleman’s family?

Surely he wasn’t expected to set this up all by his lonesome, especially for what appeared to be his own birthday party.

Sadly, that appeared to be the case, as the old man ended up finishing the decorating by himself.

After that, he seated himself at a table, looking as though he was expecting at least his children and his grandchildren, possibly even the rest of his family.

They never came.

Shortly afterwards, the elderly gentleman soon received a call.

It was incredibly obvious as to what the call was about – any excitement in this man’s face vanished, replaced with utter sadness.

It seems that out of the massive family this old man had been expecting, not a single person was going to show up.

However there was some still some hope and fire yet in this old man’s heart.

Mustering all the courage and grace that anyone would be jealous of, he then proceeded to make an announcement to the rest of the restaurant.

He informed them of his circumstances to confirm everyone’s suspicions – no one in his family was coming to his 61st birthday.

He then asked a heartbreaking favor of the patrons, requesting that they come and sit with him for a while to celebrate this occasion with him, should they wish too.

He even threw in a request for a little birthday song.

The response was overwhelming.

The entire restaurant rose to its feet to accompany him, turning the whole party into one bursting full of merrymaking and joy.

People in the restaurant went over to wish him a wonderful birthday, and plenty more decided to take it upon themselves to make this the best birthday the old man could have.

He not only got the birthday song he asked for, but he got the party he was hoping for with loving strangers.

Someone even got him a birthday cake!

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