Exclusive Details: Chris Brown and Usher Got Into a Physical Altercation in Las Vegas Over Teyana Taylor — And Here’s Why [Video]

Usher and Chris Brown got into a physical altercation near the end of Chris’ birthday party in Las Vegas last night.

In footage obtained by TMZ, Chris, Usher, and many others were partying at the Skate Rock City roller rink in Las Vegas — and everything, for the most part, seemed fine throughout the evening…until it wasn’t.

Sources exclusively tell lovebscott.com that Chris Brown was angered by seeing Teyana at the party and wanted her gone.

Their beef stems from Chris’ canceled ‘American Music Awards’ Michael Jackson tribute performance.

Apparently, Teyana was involved in the performance in some capacity but pulled out last minute due to other obligations — and Chris feels like it’s a big reason as to why the performance ultimately got cancelled.

When Chris saw Teyana at his party, he approached her to air out his grievances and tell her to leave.

Teyana made it clear that Chris’ behavior was out of line, repeatedly telling him he was “on one” — suggesting that he was under the influence of…something.

Chris didn’t take too well to Teyana’s pushback and the verbal altercation escalated, prompting Usher to step in to defend Teyana.

Chris and his crew eventually had enough and decided to take things outside.

That’s when Usher followed Chris and his crew out into the parking lot.

The altercation reportedly resumed and that’s when, according to our sources, that “CB [Chris Brown] and his crew beat Usher’s ass.”

We’re told not only did Usher have a bloody and/or broken nose, but that he also has bruised/injured ribs.

Neither Usher, Chris, nor Teyana have publicly acknowledged the altercation which was first reported by Hollywood Unlocked earlier this morning.

Both Usher and Chris Brown are scheduled to perform at today’s Lovers and Friends festival in Las Vegas — we’ll see if they both show.

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