Exclusive: Ohio Mother Says Son Is Fighting For His Life After Attack in Juvenile Detention Center Shower Leaves Him Paralyzed

An Ohio mother’s desperate pleas are going viral on social media after she claimed her son was brutally beaten while taking a shower at a juvenile detention center.

Facebook user Mary S. Washington has attracted over 2,000 shares on a recent graphic post showing the aftermath of her son’s violent assault. According to Mary’s social media status, her 15-year-old son Damarion was showering at the Franklin County Juvenile Detention Center in Columbus, Ohio, when he was attacked. Washington says the teen sustained a broken neck and spine, leaving him paralyzed. Also pointed out in Washington’s post was the fact that guards did not immediately seek medical attention for the teen. Instead, they restrained him, even though he was hurt. Once he was finally taken to the hospital, doctors informed Washington that something did not appear right, considering the number of broken bones and the severity of his injuries.

Speaking exclusively with Baller Alert, the distraught mother says she received the phone call on the day of the incident, Sunday, May 7th, around 5:00 p.m., informing her that Damarion had an accident of some sort. However, Washington says she was not immediately made aware of what happened. The family, who is originally from Tampa, Florida, only recently relocated to Ohio and couldn’t have imagined such a fate awaited them. As she continues to search for answers, Washington claims she has now begun getting threats from the Franklin County Juvenile Detention Center, who have threatened to get her hospital visits with her son revoked due to her widespread social media post. However, Washington continues to push for justice.

“One of the guards has a lot to do with my son’s injuries. That’s why they wanna keep it quiet,” she revealed, though that guard or his role in Damarion’s ordeal has not been revealed.

Washington says she has reached out to multiple officials to no avail, further supporting her theory of a cover-up. As of now, the Franklin County Juvenile Detention Center has not responded publicly about Damarion’s condition.

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