Fallen Cop’s Car Is Covered In Gifts But A Single Note Written On White Paper Leaves Mark On Community

Officer Charles Irvine Jr. lost his life after a car ac-ci-de-nt while chasing down a suspect in Milwaukee. The heroic officer was only 23 years old.

A few days after the tra-ge-dy, Avant Turner walked by the memorial constructed in honor of the fallen officer.

The 12-year-old boy couldn’t help but notice a squad car draped in black and covered in beautiful flowers and gifts by members of the community. There were so many that Avant could barely see the car underneath.

Avant wanted to know who the squad car belonged to until he noticed a photo of officer Irvine among the flowers.

Avant was in sh0ck. Avant knew this officer. In fact, they’d formed a bond that not many people in the neighborhood knew about.

Avant was deeply affected by the grief he felt at learning of his friend’s untimely demi$e. Avant struggled with the emotion he was feeling and decided to put his thoughts on paper while at school.

The young boy returned to the memorial after school and placed the handwritten letter he composed among the sea of flowers and gifts. The single piece of white paper may not have been as catchy to the eye as the colorful bouquets and trinkets at the memorial, but the words written by Avant were the most personal gift left at the memorial. Avant thanked Officer Irvine for being his friend and taking time out to help him.

According to Avant, he would often stop by the precinct on his way to school. He said Officer Irvine would talk to him about school and life and sometimes help him with school work. He said no one knew about the friendship he developed with the officer. Avant said he will miss his friend.

What did you think about the friendship developed between Officer Irvine and Avant?

Leave your thoughts in the comments and send this article and video to friends. It is a reminder of the great friendships that can be found in the most unlikely places.

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