Family slam sentence given to woman who fatally ran over her own daughter and another woman

The family of a young girl who died after being fatally hit by a car owned by her own mom has spoken out about the recent sentencing.

Linda Britton, 55, was found guilty of two counts of manslaughter over the tragic September 2019 incident at Nambucca Heads, as reported by

Britton – who stood trial in Sydney’s Downing Centre District Court – was behind the wheel when she intentionally drove her vehicle over 20-year-old Kazzandra Widders and her 24-year-old daughter Skye Luland – who were brawling in a parking lot.

The two women were crushed under the weight of Britton’s car and succumbed to their injuries at the deadly scene.

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Following the incident, the New South Wales woman told law enforcement in an interview: “I just saw Skye getting bashed and hit and hit and hit and hit. I didn’t know what to do,” per News,

“I just thought I would push [Widders] off with the bumper bar,” she continued. “I ended up killing my own daughter. It’s all my fault, I panicked.”

On Thursday afternoon (April 13), Judge Sarah Huggett sentenced the mother to six years in prison, with a non-parole period of three years.

The Judge stated during the sentencing that while Britton was aiming to protect her daughter, the “dangerousness of her conduct was high,” as cited by the 7News.

“She believed what she did was necessary and was the only option available to her to protect her daughter,” Judge Huggett said. “The offender’s actions were spontaneous and unplanned… and were made in a chaotic, violative and frightened atmosphere.”

Huggett said that the woman also suffered injuries during the violent altercation including a fractured wrist and thumb, adding: “In all the circumstances, while her response to that threat was excessive, it was not excessive by a significant margin.”

Widders’ family wore t-shirts with the words “there can be no peace without justice” during Britton’s sentencing, according to the publication. Britton on the other hand donned a shirt with the picture of Skye.

Upon finding out her fate, the deceased woman’s sister, Naomi Widders, expressed her disappointment outside of the courtroom, stating: “Two lives are gone and someone’s serving three years before they can receive parole. That is not worth my sister’s life.”

The 20-year-old woman’s family delivered emotional victim impact statements last month during Britton’s sentence hearing.

“There is no pain like the pain I experience every day,” Widders’ mom, Karen Walker, told the court, as noted by the outlet. “I will never see my beautiful girl find love, have a family and live a long and beautiful life.”

“It’s like I lost a piece of my heart, spirit, my soul that will never be replaced,” she continued. Walker reportedly addressed Britton directly and said: “You destroyed my family,” adding: “You took her life and I hope you pay for it.”

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