Flo Rida To Fork Over Nearly $500k In Child Support For His Disabled Son

Flo Rida has been ordered to pay nearly $500,000 annually for a son he allegedly refused to meet at one point.

On Thursday, a New York judge ruled that the “My House” rapper must begin paying child support to Alexis Adams for their special needs six-year-old son Zohar Dillard. The child was born with Hydrocephalus, a neurological disorder that causes excess fluid in the brain. Dillard also has autism. In March, the boy’s health issued mounted even further when he fell out of a fifth-story window at his mother’s apartment. The child suffered a liver laceration, internal bleeding, collapsed lungs, and a shattered pelvis, among other injuries. Adams has accused Flor Rida of not helping with the child’s medical bills from the fall, despite him making several public statements on social media, thanking fans for their well wishes. In a 2018 interview with The Daily Mail, Adams accused the musician of refusing to meet their son and even said Flo Rida called Dillard an “evil f******g child.”

As part of his new child support settlement, Flo Rida must establish a $300,000 escrow account that he must reload every September. The Grammy-nominated star will also pay Adams $14,000 monthly in standard child support plus an extra $2,212 for health insurance. These expenses combined total a guaranteed $494,544 that Adams will receive over a full year. Additionally, the judge ordered Flo Rida to fork over a one-time immediate payment of $188,000 for any other outstanding fees associated with Dillard’s needs, such as his school fees.

Flo Rida was originally ordered to pay $9,000 monthly plus the child’s school fees and insurance. However, he reportedly stopped years ago, and Adams claims he has refused to help with Dillard since. Flo Rida recently won an $ 82 million settlement against energy drink company Celsius, which was likely considered when the judge handed down the new child support arrangement.

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