Grandma requested to be a “fairy” flower girl at her granddaughter’s wedding.

Keely Crimando has always had an unique affinity with her grandma Dorothy Czartorski, who was practically her closest friend. She was ecstatic about the prospect of marriage due to what it would imply for their love.

Facebook/Paul Eric Czartorski

The wedding was held in October, and everyone was taken aback when Dorothy walked down the aisle. Dorothy’s attire made the wedding guests astounded. They all couldn’t believe what they were witnessing!

Keely was overjoyed when her boyfriend, Michael Crimando, proposed. She met him on a dating app. Her grandma Dorothy was the first individual she told about Michael being “the one” for her.

So it may be be the reason that when her wedding day arrived, her grandma would be at the center of attention.

Facebook/Paul Eric Czartorski

During the wedding preparations, she began to consider how she might involve her grandma in the festivities. She heard about another bride who appointed her grandma her bridesmaid, which inspired her to do the same!

Her grandma was startled when she requested Dorothy to be a member of her bridal party, but she naturally said yes.

Five little flower girls entered, however Dorothy in her gold gown and green scarf was the person who stole everyone’s hearts.


Flissa, Keely’s aunt, pushed her grandmother down the aisle. And they both looked stunning; her grandmother had her nails and hair done for the occasion, and she donned a flower crown to complete her appearance.

Her grandmother and aunt dress up as fairies, complete with wings and magic wands. Like every average person, Dorothy shows optimistic attitude toward the wedding day.

The bride is overjoyed that her grandma is in the spotlight for the wedding. She could simply feel how much love and affection Keely had for her granny, the photographer said. Grandma even made it onto the dance floor later in the evening! It was a fantastic evening.

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