High-school student takes his 92-yr-old great-grandma to prom. I think he deserves all the praise in the world

Prom is among the most memorable events that many high school students anticipate from the time they arrive on campus as freshmen. However, some students do not attend their senior prom for a variety of reasons. That’s Dakota Wollan at Watford City High School in Watford City, North Dakota

The high school senior Dakota Wollan had no intentions of attending his prom. While he could have asked folks in his class, he didn’t really want to.

But then his dad came up with a brilliant idea.


Dakota Wollan liked the concept and chose to make a proposal to his 92-year-old great-grandmother.

He have this old truck she gave me; it’s a 1985 Ford that she passed down to him, and he fixed it up. He took that vehicle and built a sign, he explained.

Though he had asked a family member, he admitted to being “very scared.”

But it turned out that he had nothing to worry about since Madeline Miller was overjoyed.

The 92-year-old great-grandmother never went to a prom before, she explained.

She simply wanted to know why he would choose a 92-year-old to accompany him to prom when there are so many young females in the school, Madeline explained.


According to Dakota, if it hadn’t been for his great-grandmother, he wouldn’t have been able to attend his final prom, and his great-grandmother wouldn’t have been able to attend her first.

At Watford City High School’s senior prom, the two were a big hit.

They came out on the floor, and all went crazy, Dakota explained.

Walking by her great grandson, listening to this music as they went, and everybody clapping and cheering, Madeline recalled the dance.

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