Hugh Jackman Wanted Lee Daniels To Direct A ‘Wolverine’ Film After Seeing ‘Precious’

Would you expect a Wolverine film directed by Lee Daniels? This is what fans could have gotten if Hugh Jackman had his way.

According to Collider, Daniels revealed that Jackman approached him about directing a Wolverine film. He said that after the success of Precious, Jackman was one of the actors who called him about their projects.

“[H]e sent me into the studio to Fox…And I had never done a studio film before and it was a disaster[,]” he said to Collider. “…I pulled over to the Kentucky Fried Chicken afterwards and ate a whole six-pack of wings. It was the worst meeting of my life. I don’t know how he gets Wolverine from Precious, but I love him and he’s a friend to this day.”

He added that with his pitch, “I pitched my way right out of the room.”

While a Wolverine film under the direction of Daniels would have certainly been an experience to behold, you can currently watch Daniels’ latest film, The United States vs. Billie Holiday starring Golden Globe winner Andra Day on Hulu.

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