“I Got My Husband A Girlfriend Who Looks Just Like Me And It Saved Our Marriage” – Viral News

“I Got My Husband A Girlfriend Who Looks Just Like Me And It Saved Our Marriage”

Tehmeena Quintana has successfully prevented her husband Bryant from seeking affection outside their marriage by pursuing a polyamorous relationship with someone who shares a striking resemblance to herself. She found an Australian model named Kyrah Johnson, who looks very much like her, and the two women now often wear matching hairstyles, makeup, and clothing.

In addition to their physical resemblance, Tehmeena, and Kyrah also share an OnlyFans account, where they post s*xually explicit content for their online audience.

Of Kyrah’s arrival into the marriage, Tehmeena, on the internet TV series “Love Don’t Judge” says it has worked wonders and has saved her marriage. She cooed: “It’s definitely made us stronger. This is the missing link!” As for Bryant, he alleged he’s now super satisfied with his lookalike ladyloves and claimed he won’t be having any more extramarital affairs.

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Tehmeena had been left devastated when hubby Bryant cheated on her less than three years into their union, and she wondered if an open marriage could be the solution.

She told the TV show: “In the past, Bryant hasn’t been faithful.” I feel that if you are with a man, you should do whatever is required to make that work. I want him for the rest of his life. “Whatever he wants, whatever makes him happy, I will give it to him.” Speaking of his past infidelity, Bryant himself told Love Don’t Judge: “Do I regret it? Absolutely. Will it happen again? Absolutely not.” 

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Love Don’t Judge

Tehmeena’s marriage is back on track, but she has since been subjected to hate from internet trolls.

The model, who only recently realized she was bis*xual claimed: “I’m Pakistani and was raised Muslim. On social media, it’s men from my culture and my background that are judgmental.” She equally slammed the men for keeping such a close eye on her saucy OnlyFans account and concluded she pays her haters no mind, stating: “You shouldn’t be watching me or my page if you are such a good Muslim.” 

Tehmeena, however, insisted she isn’t jealous of Bryant’s attraction to Kyra because of how much she looks like her.

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Love Don’t Judge

In fact, the threesome is currently even sharing a bed together.

The dedicated wife continued: “I did feel insecure when we were looking for a third. But I knew that it would keep the attention of Bryant here. It’s fair to say I was looking for a girl who looked like me because Bryant likes it.” On the other hand, Kyrah was reportedly enticed by the idea of being in a throuple and didn’t hold back on flying to New York to meet with Tehmeena and Bryant. It started as a friendship but soon turned s*xual.

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Love Don’t Judge

Kyrah revealed she loves how much she looks like Tehmeena, saying: “When we go out in public, we always get asked if we’re sisters or twins!”

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Love Don’t Judge

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