Influencer Who Dumped Husband For Her Stepson Gives Birth To Their Second Child

The weight-loss influencer has had a daughter with her stepson, Vladimir Vova Shavyrin, whom she raised from the age of 7. Marina Balmasheva was previously married to Vladimir’s father, Alexey Shavyrin, 47, but she ditched him for his son. Marina, 38, and Alexey had five adopted children, but she refuses to say if she has anything to do with them.

Taking to Instagram, the popular Russian influencer revealed she has given birth to a second child, sharing a video and photos of the newborn with her over 600,000 followers.

Her son, so far unnamed, weighed in at almost 9 pounds and is now a brother to their daughter Olga, aged 2.

Marina had claimed her previous marriage was living but pretending. She told her followers, “Did I have regrets that I destroyed the family? Both yes and no. I was ashamed that I had destroyed the stability of mom and dad. Did I want to return to my ex? No. Do I feel anger and hatred towards him? Not any longer. He is a good person and a wonderful father to our children.”

She added: “How did the children take the changes?” Absolutely calmly.” What do I have today? I am married. I moved to a bigger city. “I love and I am loved.”

Alexey, who is believed to be raising the adopted children alone, has accused Marina of seducing his son when he came home from university. He bitterly told journalists: “She seduced my son. He had not had a girlfriend before her. They were not shy to have s*x while I was at home. I would have forgiven her cheating, if it wasn’t my son. She was running to my son’s bed from our bedroom when I was sleeping. After that she was coming back and lying in bed with me as if nothing had happened.” 

Marina calls her second husband the most charming blue eyes in the world.

But then, the influencer had jokingly scolded him on social media for being clumsy, pushing their daughter’s pram, and failing to hold down a well-paid job in the Krasnodar region, close to Ukraine, where war is raging. Marina had also complained that he threw his dirty laundry around for her to pick up and made it clear that she supports him from her social media earnings rather than allowing him to do office work.

When she made the relationship with her stepson public, Marina alleged people told her to use makeup, make lashes, and curl her pubic hair. [Pictured below is Marina’s mother-in-law Elena].

But she responded, saying: “There is one thing: he fell in love with me with all my scars from plastic surgeries, cellulite, excessive skin, and personality. “And I do not want to seem better than what I am.” Marina also told how she has insisted on a prenup so that she keeps all her money and assets in case of divorce from her new husband, aged 23. Accordingly, the adopted children with her ex aren’t discussed by either side.

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