Jeannie Mai Jenkins Surprises Husband Jeezy with Trip to Vietnam for 2nd Anniversary

Jeannie Mai Jenkins surprised her husband Jeezy with a trip to Vietnam that was over half a year in the making for their second wedding anniversary. The Real alum told People that the trip was important for them to celebrate their multi-cultural family.

“Taking my husband, Jeezy, to Vietnam was a long awaited adventure,” the 44-year-old television personality told PEOPLE. “When Jeezy and I met, we bonded over the similarities and differences of our cultures. Now that we have a daughter blending our worlds, it gives even more meaning to explore Vietnam together as a multicultural family.”

“I actually took a year and a half to plan this trip. Jeezy had no idea where we were going until we boarded the actual plane!” she shared. “Our trip was very specific in that I wanted to try our hand at everything the locals do, from cooking, fishing, to even farming. All I gave my husband was a list of what to pack, and the rest of the trip fell into place perfectly.”

Jenkins shared that she utilized Your Travel Nation–a high-end travel agency to help plan the trip complete with “the most romantic dinner on the beach of Danang overlooking the horizon.”

“It was a pivotal moment for me as I reflected on the fact that 40 years ago my mom made a courageous boat escape in pursuit of safety and freedom, and now I get to experience Vietnam in an entirely new perspective with my husband,” she added.

Jenkins is currently the host of America’s Test Kitchen: The Next Generation. She and Jeezy were married in an elegant outdoor ceremony in April 2021 at their home in Atlanta. Last year, the pair welcomed a baby girl named Monaco.

Jeannie shared photos and video clips from the trip to Vietnam on her popular blog, Hello Hunnay.


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