Lil Nas X Flaunts His Baby Bump While Posing At His Own Baby Shower

At a lavish event, completed with balloon displays, cake, and even a throne, Lil Nas X, in a trio of snaps on Instagram, kicked off a baby shower flaunting his pregnant stomach. The rapper donned a vibrantly multi-colored silk robe that draped down to his legs. The Old Town Road singer offset the eye-grabbing design of his outerwear with a pair of white pants.

Lil Nas X showed off pregnant stomach as he celebrated his baby shower with pics on Instagram.

Lil Nas X added bling elements to his look, including a diamond-encrusted necklace with a butterfly design and a pair of earrings. The 22-Year-Old also posted a promotional clip for his debut album, Montero, where he was seen looking around an empty function after no one showed up.

The rapper, 22, sported a vibrantly colorful robe and white pants for the photo shoot.

The video featured the rapper at an empty baby shower, with many of his collaborators having sent him gifts.

As the trailer ends with a shot of the back of the rapper’s head, a title card noted that the forthcoming album is due September 17th. Lil Nas X ensured he flaunted his baby bump in all of the three photos. And while he appeared busy prepping for the release of his new album, the rapper, according to DailyMail, was spotted heading out to dinner with a friend in New York City on Wednesday.

The musician noted he spent hours setting up for his baby shower in his caption, yet no one showed up.

Lil Nas X started working on his debut album shortly after the 2019 release of Old Town Road.

The entertainer donned a light beige-zip jacket and a pair of matching pants. The Panini singer also wore a white sequined shirt and opted for multi-colored boots while carrying a small leather bag. Lil Nas X remarkably wore a black facial covering to keep him protected from COVID-19 during his time in public. However, Lil Nas X started working on his debut album shortly after the 2019 release of Old Town Road.

Earlier, Lil Nas X had been spotted heading to dinner with a friend in New York City.

He donned a beige zip-up jacket, a matching pair of pants, and a white sequined shirt.

The first single in the album entitled Montero (Call Me By Your Name) was made public this past March, and its music video had sparked controversy due to its content. Soon, it was followed by the debut of two other singles, Industry Baby and Sun Goes Down, which aired in July and May, respectively. On the other hand, Montero will feature appearances from several artists, many of whom were named in the promotional video.

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