Lizzo And Sasha Flute Jam With Lisa In ‘The Simpsons’ Season 34 Finale, ‘A Dream Come True’ For Lizzo [Video]

Lizzo has been immortalized as a character on The Simpsons — along with her famed flute.

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Lizzo first teased an upcoming cameo on The Simpsons in February, and Entertainment Weekly reported at the time that her appearance would take place during the iconic animated series’ Season 34 finale. The finale is slated for this Sunday, May 21, so Lizzo heightened the anticipated by sharing a clip.

“Every Icon has been on @thesimpsons — now I can add my name to the list,” she captioned her Instagram post. “Thank you to the whole team for making this a dream come true (yes I’m wearing @yitty and playing @sashabfluting)!!!!!”


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Sasha Flute’s (Lizzo’s beloved flute, for those not in the know) official Instagram account also posted, “Ok…. How do I say this w out gettin too cocky…. IM OFFICIALLY THE MOST FAMOUS FLUTE IN D WORLD. WE ARE TRULY WINNING FLOOT GANG.”

In the clip, Lizzo explains to Homer that she is “a projection of your psyche” because he’s “in the middle of a very traumatic life event.” They’re joined in a studio by Bart and Lisa. Bart (and melodically) slaps Homer across the face. “This beat is fire!” Lizzo says. “Hey, Lisa, how about I get Sasha Flute, you get your saxomaphone, and we jam?” And that’s exactly what they do.

Better still, the Grammy-winning, banger-generating singer who also plays a mean flute will be seen and heard in not just one but two roles in this season’s final episode. You can get a peek at both of them via these first-look images.

EW explained the context of the episode in February:

“‘Homer’s Adventure Through the Windshield Glass’ is a bit of a form-breaker for the long-running animated Fox comedy, as the entire episode takes place in the few seconds that Homer goes flying through the windshield of his car during an accident.

‘We had this idea for a long time, and it always felt like a pipe dream, but then we figured out a way to do it,” executive producer Tim Long tells EW. ‘Then the issue from a story point of view is: ‘Who is he going to talk to?’ We thought, ‘Well, his incredibly messy car is going to be filled with children’s toys and stuff.’ So she’s playing this happy little elf doll that comes to life and becomes his spirit guide.’”


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