Lizzo responds as troll’s attempt to body-shame star’s nude photo backfires horribly

Lizzo showed a hater that she is still the queen of clap backs after she responded to a troll attempting to body-shame her.

The photograph in question was a snapshot from the star’s 2021 Dove campaign that resurfaced on Twitter this week after a troll reposted the image alongside a screenshot of an article from the time about her post, which was titled ‘Lizzo just shared an “unedited” naked selfie to “change the conversation about beauty standards.”‘

The original post, which was shared on Instagram, aimed to share more love and positivity around such a sensitive topic.

The caption read: “WELCOME TO TAURUS SEASON. To celebrate I wanna give y’all this unedited selfie… now normally I would fix my belly and smooth my skin but baby I wanted [to] show u how I do it au natural – I am excited to be partnering with @dove and the #DoveSelfEsteemProject which is helping to reverse the negative effects of social media and changing the conversation about beauty standards.

“Let’s get real y’all,” she added.

However, in an attempt to ridicule the ‘Good as Hell’ singer the Twitter troll that reposted the bold image (@CasuallyGreg) wrote “Thanks, but my beauty standards remain unchanged.”

Other trolls also banded with the user, trying to tear Lizzo down further.

Cue @CassyWearsHeels, AKA Cassandra. Not only did the hater comment “Make obesity bad again,” a lame play on words from the former President of the United States Donbald Trump’s 2020 campaign slogan, she also posted a photo of herself alongside Lizzo’s snap with the caption: “Me or Lizzo?”

“Lizzo,” responded one person as per Billboard. “I don’t know you but Lizzo is a publicly kind and inspiring individual. Loving yourself and others should be the basis of humanity. She preaches that. I can only assume you’re terrible.”

Another added: “One has four Grammys and is classically trained on the flute. The other just posted a six year old blurred picture of herself drinking wine with ice from a straw. Lizzo. Truth hurts.”

And a third commented: “We’re all choosing Lizzo, right??” before adding that the Grammy-award winner is “compassionate, stunning and genuinely unproblematic” whereas “Cassandra is the walking embodiment of the ‘school bully.'”

And the comments didn’t stop there.

“Imagine posting yourself and LIZZO and being like me or her? with complete confidence. I know the hatred runs so deep that they can’t even conceive of a world where people prefer and seek out fat people so maybe they do in fact need reminding,” this user responded while another did their own comparison post… And let’s just say Cassandra isn’t going to be happy about this one…

And hilariously, the tweet has now been deleted because the entire humiliation attempt completely backfired on her.

And fans are convinced that Lizzo herself got involved in the conversation, not directly, but still like the icon she is.

Taking to the social media platform, she shared a well-timed tweet on Tuesday (April 11) that simply read “Lizzo.”

Lizzo – 1, Cassandra – 0.

wp-image-1263206017 size-large

Lizzo indirectly tweeted a hater who compared herself to the star. Credit: Image Press Agency / Alamy

The 34-year-old has long been an advocate for conversations around acceptance and body positivity.

Speaking to Vogue back in 2020, the ‘Juice’ singer said that she plans on taking things just beyond being “positive.”

“I think it’s lazy for me to just say I’m body positive at this point. It’s easy. I would like to be body-normative,” she told the outlet. “I want to normalize my body. And not just be like, ‘Ooh, look at this cool movement. Being fat is body positive.’ No, being fat is normal.”

She continued: “I think now, I owe it to the people who started this to not just stop here. We have to make people uncomfortable again, so that we can continue to change. Change is always uncomfortable, right?”

Lizzo is also the founder of Yitty, a shapewear design company that helps to champion bodies of all sizes, including sizes up to 6X.

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