Man Offers Panhandler Honest Work But Gets Turned Down, So He Makes A Sign Of His Own

Ryan Bray is always trying to be kind, especially to those who are in need. 

One Sunday, while he was on his way home from work, he ran into a panhandler begging for change on the street. He often sees these beggars because they’re so common where he lives.

Feeling moved by the man’s story, Bray decided to help him in a more substantial way than simply giving him some spare change. He offered the beggar $15/hour to come work for his family business so that he could get off the streets permanently.

“Absolutely not!” the beggar mocked Bray’s proposal. He couldn’t see why he would work for money when people were throwing loose change at him. Additionally, the bum earned a lot more cash per hour than Bray was offering him.

Bray contemplated raising his cash bid, but the man then became menacing.

It seemed as if Bray’s job proposition ignited fury in the beggar, feeding the flames of his idleness and endangering his perception of a “good life” where he is given money without having to work for it.

Bray was offended by this outburst. He immediately went home to write up his own sign before heading back to the same street corner. There, he shamed the panhandler for being lazy and inactive.

Kind-hearted Bray felt the urge to make this beggar suffer. That’s why he stood on the street with his sign that urged motorists NOT to give money to beggars.

The homeless man wished to remain anonymous, so he said to reporters in Florida that Bray lied and never gave him a job. All he wants is some help so he can stop living on the streets. He plans to use the money he makes from begging to slowly improve his life, one penny at a time.

however, Bray is staying true to his story and has time to stand there with his sign showing the beggar as a homeless person.

“I offered him $15.00 an hour to do yardwork for me, and he refused. If we as a community stop paying them, they will leave our neighborhood!”

Bray decided to use the beggar’s insult as an opportunity to get people to stop giving money to people on the streets.

“He reached his arms inside my vehicle, resting them, and said, ‘Hey do you have any money?’ I said, ‘No, I have one better for you,’” said Bray.

According to Bray, Florida panhandlers will “r@pe your mother and k!ll your wife” if they are not controlled. As a result, he decided to take the sign down and talk about his experience with this beggar with his neighbors.

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