Men With Maƙeuρ Lσσƙ Mσre Masculine, A Study Reveals

What do you look like without your makeup? A lot of people believe that makeup is for girls, and that makeup makes you look feminine. Even though it’s no more a secret that even actors put on makeup for formal events or when they’re filming.

But a study says that men can look even more masculine with makeup.

A study reveals that a makeup artist’s work on a group of men gives them better points when it comes to attractiveness. Twenty men participated in the test and were photographed twice, with and without makeup.

And there aren’t comprehensive studies done on the effectiveness of makeup on men as opposed to on women.

It’s been recognized to be influential on women, but the study reveals it works very well with men as well. While most of the makeup shown were au natural, it’s definitely worth seeing to see how much makeup will also affect the perception of a person’s quality and personality.

men masculine on makeup 4
Men With Maƙeuρ Lσσƙ Mσre Masculine, A Study Reveals 13

It goes without saying that despite all this, just like women, you need to know which type of makeup works best with your face shape!

And we can’t wait to see more men embrace their true self with makeup!

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