Mom Dragging Baby Through Airport With A Leash: ‘Horrible Parent’

Mom Dragging Baby Through Airport With A Leash: ‘Horrible Parent’ (VIDEO at the end of this article)

Being a parent is not easy. There’s no rule book on how to be a good parent, how to act in certain situations, how to deal with children when they’re being unruly, etc. That may be the reason why there is so much conflict when it comes to the right way to parent.

One mom became the center of a storm of controversy after being seen pulling her son through an airport by a harness tied around the toddler’s chest.

The incident that happened in 2019 was captured on video before being uploaded to TikTok.

TikToker @cacadoodledoo83 (Erica Shupe Hall) sparked a fierce debate when she uploaded the footage at an airport in Cancun, Mexico titled “Leaving Cancun is tough…I feel ya, buddy.”

TikTok / cacadoodledoo83

The video showed a mother seemingly trying to convince her child to follow her. When the boy refused to walk, lying down on the floor instead, she proceeded to pull him across the carpet via a leash tied to a harness around his body.

The clip soon garnered an incredible amount of attention, racking up millions of views and an untold number of conflicting comments.

A plenty of people slammed the mother’s tactics. Here are some comments:

“My OCD would not allow me to drag my child on that dirty floor. I’d rather pick him up, but I guess I’m different,”

“Horrible parent. That’s child abu$e,”

“I just carry mine at that point. I’m not dragging them in that dirty floor.”

“There is a difference, in my opinion, [between] using a harness for the safety of your child and dragging the child with it on the ground. I wouldn’t do that to my dog, and I sure as hell wouldn’t do it to my child.”

Meanwhile, others leapt to her defense.

“Lmao! Do what you gotta do momma.”

“I’m not saying it’s right… I’m saying I understand! Show me a perfect parent who has never made an error in judgment or hasn’t done whatever they could to survive the day.”

“I don’t see any issue with this. Although she could’ve probably carried him, he seems okay to be pulled along. If the kid were [distressed], he would have been making a scene.”

“I had a harness and leash for my five kids. I never lost them. They never got hurt. They were safe and liked the independence of not having to hold my hand. I don’t recall ever having to drag them like this, but I understand how it could happen.”

It seems that the idea of using a leash and harness in the first place is one that seems to split opinion among parents. However, they are also an effective way of keeping your child out of harm’s way and eliminating the chance that they can be separated from you.

What do you feel about the use of harnesses? Do you think this mother did anything wrong? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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