Mother And Son Graduate Together From Albany State University [Photo + Video]

Yolanda Hubbard and her son, Roderick, continued their family’s legacy by attending Albany State University, graduating together.

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The mother-son duo now adds additional degrees to their already-impressive distinctions. According to The Albany Herald, Roderick and Yolanda both hold undergraduate diplomas from the HBCU.

The Hubbards’ family has a long history of graduates from ASU including Roderick’s grandmother and former Albany Mayor, Dorothy Hubbard. Other kinfolk who’ve walked across the Historically Black institution’s stage are Roderick’s wife, brother, sister-in-law, uncle, and cousins.

“We are very proud of our daughter and grandson for their achievements,” said Dorothy Hubbard to the news outlet. “I can’t say enough about the Hubbard family’s belief in lifelong learning and education.”

Roderick Hubbard completed his graduate program with an Educational Specialist degree in Educational Leadership. His mother received a Master’s in Public Administration, with an emphasis in Human Resources.

“This was an opportunity for us to celebrate our achievements together and reflect on the hard work and dedication that led us to that moment,” he spoke on his and his mother’s feat. “I do believe I’m prouder of my mom than I am of myself.”

Yolanda dedicated her latest accomplishment to her grandchildren, who attended the commencement ceremony. The proud grandmother had a message for her grandchildren: “When school and life get hard … I can always remind them that GiGi did it much older, so they can do it, too.”

“We come from a long line of ASU graduates,” Dorothy added. “And it is important to me that our children, their children and their children’s children see these accomplishments so they may earn their degrees from ASU.”

Roderick and Yolanda reportedly have plans for their distinguished accolades. Roderick, who is currently an assistant principal, aspires to become principal and advance to district leadership, while teaching at his alma mater. Yolanda plans to advance her career at the hospital where she works.



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