Officer Comforts Dyíng Old Man Who Lived Lonely and Poor Life, Holding His Hand and Telling Him She Loves Him

Being alone is very sad. For some people, that’s pretty much their lifestyle.

In Georgia, Lawrenceville police officer Dena Pauly met Bob some years ago when she was dispatched to a pawn shop. Bob, who had been homeless most all his life, didn’t have any family. A stroke left him without a voice. At first Dena didn’t know how to deal with Bob. So to find out what it was that he needed, she took him to his home, and she was shocked to see his living conditions.

Dena Pauly

The police officer immediately went to work for him, showing him basic living skills… skills as simple as throwing things into the garbage when they’re no longer needed.

She cleaned up the mess and made sure that he had some food there to eat. After that, she would routinely check on him to make sure he was doing ok. Additionally, she cleaned his apartment when necessary.

Dena sought for and became his power of attorney. Since he had been in a hospital since May, she made the difficult decision to start hospice care for him. She took his hand and she told him how much she loved him… words that Bob may possibly have never heard before in his life.

Facebook/Shannon Volkodav

And on July 17th… Bob passed away with no family or friendships, except that of a very caring police officer .

Dena’s police department posted this about it: “It is with a very heavy heart that we have to report that Bob passed away earlier today. While the end of one’s life is always sad, it is the love and compassion that he received from Officer Pauly that gives us a smile knowing he is now in a much better place.”

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