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Pizza delivery man ends high-speed chase by tripping suspect fleeing from police

A pizza delivery driver from south Philadelphia has been praised by police and his local community for tripping a suspect who was fleeing police.

As reported by NBC, local police in Brookhaven – a neighborhood just under 30 minutes away from Philadelphia – were involved in a car chase after a suspect stole a vehicle on Sunday afternoon (April 16). However, the chase ended up coming to an abrupt halt after the car the suspect was driving hit a pole outside a home where a pizza delivery driver named Tyler was dropping off an order.

The outlet obtained a home video of the incident, where a voice can be heard saying: “That’s a high-speed chase.” After the vehicle crashed into the pole, the suspect – only identified as a 17-year-old male – was headed past Tyler, whose only option was to stick out his foot and trip the young suspect, allowing police officers to catch up to him.

In the clip, the officers can be heard ordering the suspect to “get on the ground”

Cocco’s Pizza – the store where Tyler works – posted the video of the incident to their Facebook account, where they wrote: “Sorry for the inappropriate language, but we thought it was warranted. Special shoutout to our delivery driver Tyler, who assisted the Brookhaven police today, and STILL delivered the food unharmed!!”

Taking to the comments section, many netizens praised the delivery guy, with one person writing: “Tyler well done man…. Pizza and perp delivered in 30 minutes or its on us… What a great video….. What a great job…. Delco pride on this one. Give that guy a raise and put him in for an award.”

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Another comment read: “That was great! Way to go pizza man! He deserves a medal for that!”

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Brookhaven Police also posted the clip to their account, even going as far as offering Tyler a job if he ever felt like joining the force: “Thank you sir for the assist!!! If you’re interested in a job we are always looking for good people. Coccos Pizza Aston. -You have great employees!”

Naturally, more netizens praised Tyler’s quick-thinking skills. “TYLERRRRRRRR!!!!! Awesome police and awesome dude!!!! I have also watched this hundreds of times already and prob gonna watch hundreds more and it’s just as good every time.

NICE job DELCO […],” one wrote.

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“Thanks for taking yet another criminal off the streets. Great work by the police and the pizza guy. Brookhaven police always keeping us safe,” someone else added.

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After all of this, perhaps Tyler is in the wrong business after all!

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