Rick Ross Drags DJ Envy’s Family Into Car Show Feud Escalates: ‘Mop This Marble’ [Video]

Rick Ross and DJ Envy have been lightening up the culture, throwing verbal daggers at each other over their car shows.

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In a series of videos posted to his Instagram Stories, Ricky Rozay can be seen responding to Envy’s most recent quips, in which the radio host claimed the Richer Than I Ever Been rapper isn’t as wealthy as he portrays himself to be.

In one clip, the “Hustlin’” hitmaker voiced that he is waiting for The Breakfast Club co-host to swing by his crib to mop his floors.

“DJ Envious, you my cupcake. I’m not gon’ mop this ’til you mop my floors,” he said. “You’ve been a great co-host on the Charlamagne Tha God show,” he jabbed. “You can come and mop my floors. Mop this marble out of respect.”

Rozay further taunted Envy by telling him he’d like his girlfriend to steam the woodwork, while he and his children clean his pool.

“DJ Envy, you just gave me a good idea. I just told the people who are coming to clean up my pool to hold on ’cause I said Envy and his seven sons can come over here, y’all can handle this pool for the pool party, July 2nd,” he said while overlooking his outdoor pool.

“And Envy, out of respect and love for you, that part of the pool, I’m saving that just for yo girlfriend and her lil’ baddies. DJ Envious, you just started a pool cleaning service. ‘Cause you got a job, you work. I’m kinda confused — you talking to a boss and you got a job that you gotta report to. Don’t get fired by that white man!”

He added: “It’s all fun and joy, but dead serious. Your girlfriend, Envy, she right there and I need you and your sons. I told the clean up crew ‘wait.’”

Rick Ross’ remarks are the latest in the ongoing beef as the duo prepare to host rival car shows in the coming weeks.

On Thursday (May 18), Rozay issued the first salvo when he took shots at DJ Envy, despite the permit issues he’s currently having with is own show.

“Since we on our car show, DJ Envy, you’ll never be on my level,” Ross began. “For one, you do car shows with rappers and my dead homies. So what you doing in Memphis, that’s for Dolph and I believe Dolph legacy should live on.

“But make sure every penny you make, you donate to Dolph family. You see that [pointing to a custom rug with Dolph’s face]. I been had that Dolph rug made, Ricky Rozay, so that’s what it’s about.”

He added: “And Envy, don’t nobody build cars to come to your car show. Don’t nobody drive from out of state to come to your car show, Envy. Da Beige Rage. You see? But make sure them people got everything they need, Envy. And Memphis, y’all better hold Envy to it.

“Envy, when you go to Houston, that’s Trae [Tha Truth’s] show, n-gga. Everywhere you go, you rent. Them people gotta put you out at about what, 4:00 PM? That’s why you charge $15. This my front yard. We having a BBQ. We stay as late as Rozay want us to stay.

“Bow down, Envy. Bow down, beige boy. You a beige boy! And make sure my people good. We been had these. We show love, for real. You just marketing.”

The very next day, during an episode of The Breakfast Club, Envy fired back at what was clearly a dig by the “Aston Martin Music” rapper against him, when he stated on his Instagram, “You’ll never be on my level.”

“Let’s be honest, right. Rick Ross, you Airbnb your home!” said Envy. “The house that you sleep in! Eddie Murphy slept in your bed. They shot Coming to America and made Eddie Murphy milk your bed.”

He continued: “I’m not that guy that’s going to charge somebody $500 to get in because I couldn’t sleep with myself. I’m doing it with Paper Route which is the company that Young Dolph owns you idiot! Yeah you have 200, 300 cars.

“Yeah, you’re absolutely right [but] most of them are trash. They’re garbage. If you go through mine, they’re quality. Think about it. I haven’t said anything. You started with Drink Champs… that just tells me your ticket sales are not doing well.”

God bless both of these brothers.

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