Teacher was accused of having a romantic relationship with 48 of 50 fathers of her students. Every dad also thought he was her only one

There are 50 students in the class, but this female teacher had a relationship with 48 fathers of students. This causes public discontent.

Recently, a female primary school teacher in China was accused of having a relationship with many fathers of students at the same time.

According to the local media, the incident happened in Guangzhou city, Guangdong province, China. Accordingly, the female teacher Qin was accused of deliberately seducing and flirting with many fathers of her students. There are 50 students in her class, but this female teacher had a relationship with 48 fathers of students.

According to the photos that has gone viral in social media in recent days, Ms. Qin, who has just graduated from school, has been working for a few years. Miss Qin is good-looking with a pure face, white skin, long and straight black hair.

Ms. Qin was assigned to be the homeroom teacher of an elementary class. So, she was responsible for regularly contacting parents to inform the school’s plans as well as report on the student’s learning. However, instead of contacting the students’ mothers, Ms. Qin always contacted the fathers.

Taking advantage of this, Qin flirted with the fathers of her students. Unexpectedly, most of these fathers fell into Ms. Qin’s trap. Among 50 fathers, 48 became Qin’s “boyfriend”.

Before the incident was revealed, all these fathers did not know about the other, always thought they were the only “true” love of teacher Qin. So, they wholeheartedly treated and pampered Qin. Ms Qin also knew how to organize and manage her time so that she could date these 48 fathers without being suspicious. She even has a small notebook detailing her “boyfriends”.

Qin often asked these fathers to buy her gifts or give her money. It is evident that on the past February 14, Qin received a total of 200,000 yuan.

After 6 months of working as a homeroom teacher and flirting with the fathers, Qin’s behavior was exposed when a mother of a student accidentally found a chat between her husband and Ms. Qin. That woman posted the incident on social networks and quickly attracted great attention.

So far, no further news has been revealed about what would happen to Qin after the incident was revealed. However, Chinese netizens left many comments criticizing and mocking this female teacher.

Source: https://phunuphapluat.nguoiduatin.vn/co-giao-bi-to-quan-he-bat-chinh-voi-4850-phu-huynh-cua-lop-ong-bo-nao-cung-tuong-minh-la-duy-nhat-a590117.html

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