‘The Jamie Foxx Show’ Star Christopher B. Duncan Says It Feels ‘Bittersweet’ To Be Mostly Known For That Role

For five seasons, Christopher B. Duncan starred In The Jamie Foxx Show as Braxton P. Hartnabrig, becoming one of the most well-known characters from the 90’s comedy. The very proper and high-class Braxton was played against Jaimie Fox, creating a memorable dynamic that fans still appreciate to this day. Duncan has discussed the ‘bittersweet’ reality of being most known for his role as Braxton.

1. Christophor B. Duncan says he has a ‘bittersweet relationship’ with his role on that show
Christopher B. Duncan recently shared his feelings in an interview with Comedy Hype (as reported by Atlanta Black Star) about his career and how he feels about his role on The Jamie Foxx Show, saying:

“I have a bittersweet relationship with that issue, that I deal with till this very day,” Duncan shared in an interview with Comedy Hype. “There are people who will always see me as Braxton.”

2. He’s proud of his range as an actor
Duncan has conflicted feelings about being most known for his role as Braxton, but he is much more than just that character, citing his range as an actor as one of his strengths. Braxton explains his versatility and range, saying:

“The reason I’ve been able to continue working is because [of] my range,”

He goes on to credit his role as Spyro in 1996’s Original Gangstas as allowing him to show what he is capable of explaining, “Spyro was a — I can’t tell you how important it was. Because again it established, ‘Wait a minute this guy is an actor who can do comedy and do drama and action.’ I’m not Braxton; I played Braxton.”

3. Duncan describes a reoccurring feeling that stems from being most known as Braxton and that specific comedic performance, saying:
“If I walk into a room full of let’s say brothers and sisters who are producing this project and I literally hear ‘What’s up Braxton! What’s up man?’ It’s like a wrench in my gut because it’s immediately saying to me ‘Even though you’re here and we’re seeing you for this dramatic role for this romantic lead, for this hard-hitting, heavy character; even though we’re seeing you for that we just made it clear to you how we see you.’”

Duncan has expressed his frustrations, but he is immensely proud of his career and doesn’t seem to have any regrets about what he has done. He simply wants to be recognized for everything he has done, and not just the one role fans are most familiar with.

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