This Girl Who Is 22, Spends Thousands On Lip Injections To Have The World’s Biggest Lips

Cosmetic surgery is popular currently. Many people undergo correction to achieve their desired appearance. They occasionally forget that the instinct not to exaggerate will always be in style, regardless of beauty fashion trends. Many of people worldwide are infatuated with plastic surgery and spend a lot of money to achieve their plastic fantasies.

Age 22 Bulgarian student Huge Lips
Example: a 22-year-old Bulgarian student. Sofia philosophy student Andrea Emilova Ivanova doubled her lips. She wants the biggest lips. She has several lip injections. She had many procedures and spent thousands at Sofia clinics.

Real-life Barbie, 22, had her latest lip injection. She showed her blossoming pout on Instagram last Tuesday. Andrea transformed two years ago. She claims each injection costs $170. Since she has had several similar surgeries, she has lost count of the injections and the money she spent on them. Andrea loves her look and won’t stop getting fillers even though she’s close to her goal. She won’t stop until her lips are perfect.

Andrea’s opinion after her latest makeover
Andrea was thrilled with her newest transformation journey article. She was delighted with the outcome despite post-surgery issues including not being able to eat. She notes that following the procedure, the doctor stated he can resume the injections if she wants, but only after two months. The doctor suggested she wait.

Andrea’s transformation reactions
As usual, there were favourable and bad responses. She received many positive comments. Online males proposed to her. Nonetheless, many people react negatively. She claims that most unfavourable voices are female.

She doesn’t mind the comments. She will pursue her dream no matter what. Who sets boundaries? No boundaries, she says. Voters should decide what’s too big.

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