This heartwarming prom story goes viral again and we all understand the real reason

This prom story will restore our faith in humanity.

Some years ago, this emotional post was widely shared on Facebook and melted thousands hearts.

The story is about a dad who talks about the day when a girl suddenly came into his office and asked permission to pop a question to his son with autism.

Children with special needs often just want experiences similar to any child at their age.

For any 17-year-old, that may be finding a date for a school dance. As this is a high priority, it can be a tough blow to one’s self-confidence if no one agrees to go with them.

Mike Larson, the father in this story, decided to write down what happened when his autistic son, Jon, prepared for his high school prom.

He then shared the whole story on Facebook.

His post has now been shared and liked by millions of people. Mike wrote:

“This is my son Jon with his prom date Maddi. He is a junior and he has autism. About a month ago, Maddi, a senior, came to my office (I’m a teacher at their school) and asked if Jon’s mom and I would allow her to take him to prom.

Maddi had gotten to know Jon through a school club that promotes friendships between special needs kids and regular kids. “He’s a junior,” she explained “so it’s his prom too. I just think he should have the chance to go.” I told her we would be honored to have him go with her.

During the next couple weeks, she asked what his favorite color was (orange) so she could get a dress in that color. She also made reservations for their group (they doubled with another couple)at a restaurant that served his favorite food – chicken fingers and French fries.

I encourage everyone to like and share this for three reasons:

1. To show support for special kids like Jon
2. To show support for groups that promote these friendships
3. To remind us all, in a time when we hear about all the terrible things going on, that there are wonderful kids like Maddi working to make other’s lives better.”

The viral prom photo was originally posted in 2013, and Mike Larson then continued to give updates on what happened to the couple after the prom.

In 2019, he celebrated because the post had reached 1 million shares and that his text had been spread worldwide. He also explained how everyone was doing: “Many have asked how Jon is doing. He is well and happy, still living at home.”

Mike also revealed that Maddi is now married and sometimes feels “embarrassed” by all the attention – she didn’t see this as a special thing

. Mike concluded the post by saying, “Thanks to all who have wished them well.”

When Jon was diagnosed with autism more than 16 years ago, his father thought that his son would never go to a prom because of his autism. But thanks to Maddi, Jon was not just able to go to prom but have a wonderful night!

”It’s something I never thought would happen for our family, and not only did it happen, but it’s happened in such a beautiful way,” Mike Larson said. ”It’s something I never thought would happen for our family, and not only did it happen, but it’s happened in such a beautiful way,” ”And to have it go on and bless the lives of other people is beyond anything I ever could have hoped for. It will be one of the nicest memories of our lives.”

If you also like this story, feel free to follow the father’s request and share it with your loved ones too!

This young girl is so sweet & considerate for asking his parents first I hope they had many photos taken of them to remember that special event!

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