This Woman Finds €500 In A Meal Bag Bought In A Fast Food Restaurant: She Makes A Decision To Give It Back

People often say that “money does not buy happiness”, but it can certainly make life easier for many people.

That may be the reason why even the most honest people can be ‘tempted’ at the sight of a good amount of money.

A woman from Georgia – United States – knows something about it. She was congratulated by the authorities after she had returned more than 500 euros in cash found in the bag of her sandwich, bought for her lunch break a few hours earlier at the KFC fast food restaurant, located near her office.

That amount of money was enough to pay the bills and a small part of her husband’s medicine. According to this woman, her family has to face huge medical expenses for a total of around 2 million euros. She admitted that she had thought about keeping that sum to herself “for a second”. But then she chose to do the right thing and called the police.

In a post shared on Facebook, the City of Jackson Police Department thanked the woman for her gesture:

“Character and integrity is doing the right thing when no one is looking!!! The Jackson Police Department would like to honor Mrs. Joann Oliver for her honesty and goodness. On Wednesday, September 14, 2022 Jackson Police were called to Mrs. Oliver’s workplace. Mrs. Oliver had gone to a local restaurant drive through on her lunch break and returned to work to enjoy her lunch. When she opened her lunch, and removed her sandwich, she was surprised to find $543.10 in cash under her sandwich. 

After investigating the find, it was determined that the restaurant’s daily deposit had accidentally been placed in her sandwich bag. Not only did Mrs. Oliver do the right thing but she saved the managers job. Mrs. Oliver thank you for reminding us that we have amazing Citizens in Jackson and its people like you that make us great!”

Honesty above all. What would you have done in the woman’s place? Tell us in the comments !

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