Tyrese Enlists “Fathers Advocacy Group” Over Court-Ordered $640K To Ex-Wife

The messy divorce between Tyrese and his soon-to-be ex-wife Samantha Lee Gibson is escalating. The singer/actor has been held in contempt after being ordered to pay $237,944.15 in back child support for his youngest daughter, Soraya, and nearly $400,000 in legal fees for her mother, according to VIBE.

In a post on Instagram shared by The Shade Room, Tyrese explained, “Samantha originally paid $7500 only to retain her attorney over two years ago and although she makes about $15,000 a month. Almost $150,000 a year. She ended up with two different law firms racked up legal fees, almost $500,000+ and they never asked her for another dime because they were banking on the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.”

He noted that in their prenuptial agreement, Samantha Gibson was to be responsible for her own representation at the end of the marriage.

He previously called on “any fathers advocate groups” and legal representation to come to the Fulton County courthouse in support of him, and asking for help from “any fathers advocate groups” or any legal representation to help him get new laws in place.

“I am ready along with a whole lot of other fathers who continue to get f**ked over by the family law court system…. I’ve never been the type of man to sit on my hands quietly b***h and moan at home about everything…. I stand UP and speak UP and OUT about injustice.”

His attorney Tanya Mitchell Graham intends to file an appeal and has already filed a motion for a new trial next month.

She also clarified that Tyrese is making child support payments monthly, but not the court ordered $10,000. The $237,944.15 sum amounts to the monthly difference, plus interest.

Despite the situation, Tyrese has claimed that he plans to “co-parent their daughter,” with Samantha “and move forward in peace.”

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