Veteran Shuts Woman Up After She Shows Her Lack Of Respect Towards Him In The Middle Of A Restaurant

Open mouth, insert foot. You know you have said too much when the reply you get makes you feel about one inch tall.

A man was ordering some food at a fast food restaurant when he asked the cashier if there was a discount for members of the military.

A rude woman behind him decided to poke her nose where it didn’t belong. She told him that he shouldn’t be looking for ‘special privileges.’

It’s clear that the ignorant woman has no idea what a ‘privilege’ is – so, the young soldier tells her what a privilege is.

No one deserves to be treated like this soldier was, thankfully, the woman’s face was blocked out, and she will likely go unrecognized.

Can you imagine being this woman now and seeing how the country has responded to her ignorance?

Watch the video below to see what happened

Thank a veteran. They have given up so much so we can have our freedoms.

They deserve discounts AND special privileges!

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