After work, a man walks into his room.

Things took a strange and surprising turn when a man got home from work. His evening had taken a strange and uncomfortable turn. When he walked into his room, he was shocked to see his wife lying on the bed without any clothes on. He became even more confused, though, when he saw naked feet sticking out from behind the curtains.

The man quickly tore open the blinds to face the unexpected visitor, but was met with a shocking reaction. The man who wasn’t wearing any clothes stood in front of him and said he was a “moth inspector.”

“Why are you taking off your clothes in my house?” The confused homeowner ordered, his voice tinged with anger and disbelief.

The so-called moth monitor had nothing but shocking news to say in response. “My god!” When he realised he wasn’t dressed, he yelled, “I’m too late!”

The scene definitely reminded the man of a comic sketch, and he was feeling a range of emotions, from confusion to disbelief. Still not clear how things went from there, but one thing is for sure: the story will be told again and again with shock and maybe a hint of humour in the days to come.

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