Party Foul: When Boyfriend Brings Mom’s Food to Girlfriend’s Birthday Bash – Quotes

Party Foul: When Boyfriend Brings Mom’s Food to Girlfriend’s Birthday Bash

The food my boyfriend brought from his mom was for him to eat at my birthday party.

When Gabi plans a private birthday party for her closest friends, her boyfriend Jamie would like to eat dinner by himself. Jamie has to give in, so he brings food that his mother made just for him to the party. Because she feels hurt and betrayed, Gabi gives him a lesson. They break up, but it’s the start of a new chapter in her life.

In general, I’m a loner. That was only one of the things that made me who I am. For my birthday, I just wanted to spend the weekend with my family and friends.

I got tea ready, lit candles all over the house, and started cooking. Everything had to be right for me. Although I wanted to make dinner, I knew my parents would bring the birthday cake.

I carefully planned my meal so that everyone who came would be able to find something they liked. I wanted everyone to feel like they belonged and were welcome.

Is it really not your wish for me to take you to dinner, Gabi? My boyfriend, Jamie, asked me a question the day before while we were getting coffee.

I answered, “Yes.” It’s my job to make food for everyone. You, my folks, Nicole, Jenna, and the boys are the only ones not there. Simply the people closest to you.

He wouldn’t give up, saying, “But it’s your special day.” “Are you ready to be spoiled?” I am sure I can do that. I am able to get rid of you.

As I held his hand, I told him, “No.”

I was thankful for what he said, but all I wanted was to be with my family. Any night we could have dinner together.

I was aware that Jamie didn’t like my answer. He was great with my family and friends, but he always wanted to be by himself.

My excitement grew as the guests started to arrive. It’s nice to be at home with my favorite people. While I finished making the last few dinner plans, everyone gathered around a plate of charcuterie and caught up while my birthday music played over the speakers.

When Jamie finally came in, his smile was contagious, and I was setting the table. As he followed me into the kitchen, I saw that he had a big Tupperware container under his arm.

Not sure what that is. What was it? “Should I start clearing out the fridge?”

Jamie put his hand on his head.

He said, “Mom’s food.” No need to worry, I’ll bring it to the table later.

I thought Jamie had told his mom that I was making lunch and that she wanted to add something, so I didn’t even look in the container.

For the table, Jamie was told to open the wine and drink bottles.

When it was time for dinner, I asked Jamie to show me his plate so I could cut him a piece of rosemary chicken, which is his favorite kind of chicken.

Laughing, he pushed it away.

No, I don’t need any. I brought my mom’s food with me. Sincerely, no one else can cook like she can.

I thought about it for a moment, but the plate felt surprisingly heavy in my hands.

“Aha! The Tupperware’s here!” I talked about Jamie’s mom’s food.

Awakened, he said, “I’ll get it.”

How about the food your mom made? In order to make things more fun, I asked, hoping that Jamie wouldn’t think I had left it there on purpose. “Chosen as one of your favorites?”

He smiled as he went into the kitchen and came back with the jar in his hand.

His answer, “No,” was a little too cocky. In simple terms, her food is always better. Really, you can’t count on other people to cook for you.

The music kept adding to the mood that was slowly changing as the room went quiet.

I felt hurt. I was, of course. Unfortunately, I didn’t want to fight with Jamie. Instead, I decided to smile at the table.

I suggest that we all try some of Jamie’s mom’s food. What was it?

Jamie’s comments hurt right away, even after the food was tried and agreement was shown through nods. I knew I had to teach them something subtle at that point.

Along with clearing the plates, my mom brought out the birthday cake, and everyone sang and toasted me.

The next day was part two of the birthday weekend, and I had planned for the same group of people to go go-karting. We were surrounded by sexism.

As Jamie got closer to the kart next to me, I yelled at him. He was so happy.

“Sorry, Jamie,” I said, and my dad came over dressed right. “My dad will drive with me because I don’t trust anyone else to drive me.”

Jamie’s eyes flickered with recognition as he made the link, and his smile grew weak. As it turned out, he had to wait alone while everyone else made groups.

The ride home was quiet, and even though the track was exciting, the air was full of thoughts that were not said.

Jamie and I agreed to meet a few days later at a coffee shop to talk about our link.

Although I was getting coffee and cookies, I was waiting for Jamie to start talking.

“I felt so embarrassed at the track,” he said in a low voice. “And the dinner for your party… “It was too late to see how my words came across.”

Drinking my coffee slowly. Extreme care was needed in what I spoke. The truth is that I had broken up with Jamie a long time ago. I only needed to know. And I was now.

I spoke in a soft voice, “Jamie, I wanted you to know how it felt.” We say things that hurt others even when we don’t mean to.

Even though he slowly nodded, the pain was still there. After splitting the bill, we thought it was best to go our separate ways because the stress was making our relationship even weaker.

Before my next birthday, I was showing everyone my current boyfriend, Tom.

I was happy and nervous about having him in such a private place because of birthdays that had already happened. These party plans were a bit fancier and more complicated.

We had all been busy the past year and hadn’t seen each other as much, so I hired a cook so I could spend more time with my guests.

Time to spend with each other and catch up.

When they got there, everyone was having fun and making silly memories at the Polaroid booth I had set up. This birthday, I had planned some special drinks, so I really wanted everything to go well.

As soon as I saw how full Tom’s arms were when he came in, I felt calmer.

As if the past were happening again.

Tom stood there with two big Tupperware boxes in his hands.

Not sure what that is. I asked as I pointed to the jars.

“Take the flowers first, birthday girl,” Tom said with a smile, letting me take a bunch of flowers from under his arm.

My parents and friends were tensing up behind me, like they were having a memory.

As he hugged everyone in the room, including my mom, Tom, who was nothing like Jamie, laughed at each person and kissed them on the face.

Before anyone jumps to conclusions, let me say that my mom baked Gabi’s favorite dessert, cheesecake. Also, she told me I had to get it for dessert.

I made a face. At how lucky I was to meet Tom, I couldn’t believe it.

There was a big difference from last year—laughter and sighs of relief filled the room.

Tom made sure everyone had a full glass and joined in on all the conversations at dinner, which went off without a hitch.

I could tell that the people I cared about most were also falling in love with him.

We loved the cheesecake that was specially made for me when it was time for dessert.

Looking at Tom and my friends that night, I realized how different I was from the previous year and how different my decisions had been going forward.

What I really wanted was to be with someone who liked what I did.

So much more than just the beginning of a new year, this birthday was a celebration of fresh starts and the small, kind acts that really make our relationships special.

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