Priscilla Presley Denied Request to Be Buried with Elvis & Her Daughter, Report Says – Quotes

Priscilla Presley Denied Request to Be Buried with Elvis & Her Daughter, Report Says

Lisa Marie Presley was buried inside her own home.

She did the same thing that happened to the Presley family.

Her little girls, who have lost a parent like Lisa Marie did, are scared and don’t want to go to the house where their mother lived.

Lisa Marie Presley was buried at Graceland’s Meditation Garden in Memphis, Tennessee, on January 19, 2023, next to her son Benjamin Keough. This was done before her public memorial event. On January 22, 2023, the service will take place.

Lisa Marie Presley\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\u00a0at the 80th Annual Golden Globe Awards\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\u00a0on January 10, 2023, in Beverly Hills, California | Source: Getty Images

Elvis Presley’s father, Elvis, and his parents, Gladys and Vernon Presley, were also buried at Graceland. Lisa Marie had a heart attack at her home in Calabasas on January 12, 2023, and had to be taken to the hospital.

Lisa Marie Presley at the 80th Annual Golden Globe Awards on January 10, 2023, in Beverly Hills, California | Picture from Getty Images
Before taking the late artist to the hospital, paramedics got her heart beating again. She died there at age 54. An Elvis Presley graveyard also had the graves of her father, son, grandfather, and grandmother, Minnie Mae Presley.

An event to honour Lisa Marie would take place at Graceland and be live-streamed on the property page. Fans could go to the service in person, and the live stream would begin at 9 a.m. CT for those who wanted to watch it that way.

The sad thing about the late singer-songwriter’s death was that it was sometimes the same thing that killed some of the musician’s family members.

Lisa Marie and\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\u00a0Elvis Presley\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\u00a0during the week of Thanksgiving in 1970 at the Presley's California home | Source: Getty Images

Lisa Marie told the story of what happened to Elvis and his parents again.
Elvis died of a heart attack on August 16, 1977. The coroner for Shelby County, Dr. Jerry Francisco, said that “preliminary autopsy findings” showed that “cardiac arrhythmia” was the cause of his death.

Lisa Marie andIf you want to know more about Elvis Presley, click here.while Elvis was in California during the week of Thanksgiving 1970 | Picture from Getty Images
At first, it was thought that the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll might have died of a drug overdose. At the time, it was said that ten prescription drugs were found in the dead star’s body, but that was later ruled out.

In August 1958, Elvis was stationed in Germany as a soldier in the US Army, and Gladys got sick. He rushed home to be with her, and he was there when she died on August 14, 1958, at the age of 46.

The official reason of her death was listed as a heart attack, but it was later found that alcohol poisoning had also caused her liver to fail. The death broke the singer of “Can’t Help Falling in Love.” At the time, she said:

“It hurt my feelings.” She was my best friend forever.

At the funeral for Lisa Marie’s mother, no one could comfort her father, and he could hardly walk after she was buried. Some of the singer’s friends said that he changed after losing his mother and that he never got over it.

Riley Keough, the oldest daughter of the late singer-songwriter Lisa Marie Presley, was also staying at the home of her grandma, Priscilla Presley.

Two years after the “You Gave Me a Mountain” singer died, Vernon also died of a heart attack in June 1979. He was 63 years old. Lisa Marie’s children were said to be having a hard time dealing with the death of their beloved mother.

Lisa Marie’s 14-year-old daughters are said to be traumatised and won’t go back to the house where she died.
Elvis was at Graceland with Lisa Marie when he died. Later, the “You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet” singer said that she was nine years old when he kissed her goodbye, hours before he passed out and never woke up.

Lisa Marie saw her dad lying on his back in the bathroom the next day. She admitted in 2003 that she had “a feeling” something bad was going to happen because Elvis wasn’t feeling well at the time.

Reports say that Lisa Marie’s twin girls, 14-year-old Harper and Finley Lockwood, were traumatised by her sudden death and wouldn’t go back to the house where she had her heart attack. People who knew the girls said they were at their grandmother’s house.

Lisa Marie’s mother, Priscilla Presley, has been living with her grandkids in Los Angeles since her daughter died. Riley Keough, the late singer-songwriter’s oldest daughter, was also staying with her grandma.

During this hard time, the family was leaning on each other for support. Insiders say that Michael Lockwood, the boys’ father, made sure that the family’s needs were met while they were grieving.

The one request that Lisa Marie made of Priscilla Presley was lost in the trust negotiation.
As soon as Lisa died, the next step was to set up a multimillion-dollar trust. Priscilla and her granddaughter Riley Keough were fighting over the trust.

Priscilla Presley in California in 2023 | Source: Getty Images

Sources say that Priscilla wasn’t difficult to deal with during the talks, but she did want something other than money. His ex-wife wanted to be buried next to him, but she lost the fight. Even with this request, Priscilla didn’t make a fuss; she gave in without a fight.

Even though Priscilla didn’t get the gravesite she wanted, she still got a lot of money from her daughter’s trust. Reports said the actress was going to get millions of dollars.

In exchange for the millions of dollars she got, Priscilla stopped making claims about who would be in charge of Lisa’s trust. She also gave up Lisa’s home at Graceland and a piece of Elvis Presley Enterprises.

Priscilla had asked for an explanation of Lisa’s trust after she took it away and made her granddaughter a co-trustee, which is why these stories came out. She said that the media mistook her plea for a lawsuit when it was really just a desire for the trust to be broken up.

When it was all over, the ex-wife of Elvis Presley said that the family had settled the issue and that she had not sued her granddaughter.

Riley, on the other hand, is glad that the court case is over. A close friend or family member said, “Riley is glad that the fight over her mom’s estate is over.” There won’t be any trouble with her grandmother,

She even told the press that she thought it would be an honour to be buried next to her daughter and “the love of her life.” “Although I don’t plan on going anywhere any time soon,” she said. When the time comes, my family wants me to be buried with my daughter and the love of my life. We’re grateful for all the love from our friends.

The Presley family now has everything taken care of, including Lisa’s court plea and the division of her trust. “Everyone is happy,” the lawyers said. Together, united, and excited about the future.

The picture shows Priscilla Presley in California in 2023.
Lisa died too soon, leaving behind her 14-year-old twins. They are still having a hard time coming to terms with it, but Riley is doing her best to be there for them and deal with her own pain.

The Damned Graveyard
A lot of the Presley family, including Lisa, lived in the Graceland house. It was also where most of the family members were buried. Lisa had said that having a graveyard in her garden and always being reminded of her own death was upsetting to her.

Lisa wrote in her song “Lights Out” about how scary the place was for her and called it the “Damn back lawn.”

The piece of land used to be a meditative garden before it was turned into a graveyard. Soon, Presley, his parents, and his grandmother were buried there. Ben Keough, Lisa’s son who killed himself in 2020, was also buried there, and now his mother has joined the family.

Lisa was haunted by the terrible graveyard for most of her life, but now the same place is talked about in her trust, which shows that it’s still important for the Presley family to stay together after death.

People could also visit the house, and Lisa knew she would be one of the things people were interested in. She already knew that the space next to her grandmother was hers before she died.

For even more interesting sights for tourists, the singer joked that it was either that graveyard or having her head squished into a glass jar.

When word got out that Lisa had died, though, her daughter Riley said that she would be buried next to her beloved son.

The sudden death of Lisa left a big hole in the family. With the court and trust processes going on, the family had to remember to honour the singer without making it all about the estate.

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