A Heartfelt Birthday Surprise for Patty at 90

Reaching 90 years old is a significant milestone, and for Patty, it was a day she eagerly anticipated, surrounded by her loved ones, especially her daughter Angie and grandchildren. Angie had promised a small celebration, and Patty couldn’t wait for the day to arrive, especially since she didn’t get to see her family as often as she’d like.

Spending time with her grandchildren brought joy to Patty’s days, especially after losing her husband. They reminded her of Angie and their father John, from whom Angie had recently separated.

Patty was saddened by Angie and John’s split because she cherished John as a son. However, she understood that life sometimes takes unexpected turns, and there wasn’t much she could do to reconcile them.

On the day of her birthday, Patty waited eagerly, but as time passed, excitement turned to concern when Angie didn’t show up or answer her calls.

After what felt like an eternity, the doorbell rang. Patty, moving as quickly as she could for her age, opened the door, expecting Angie and the grandchildren. To her surprise, it was John standing there with chocolates and flowers.

“Happy Birthday, Ma!!” John exclaimed with a warm smile.

“John?! Oh my, you didn’t have to,” Patty replied, genuinely touched to see him.

She was grateful that he remembered. John had always been considerate like that.

Patty invited John in, and he agreed to join her for dinner, knowing she was alone at that moment. John, being a skilled cook, even assisted Patty in preparing the meal.

As they sat down to dinner, John asked about Angie and wondered if she would mind him being there. Patty explained that Angie hadn’t returned any calls and likely wasn’t coming.

Concerned, John offered to call Angie, and this time, she answered.

After a brief conversation, John turned to Patty with a troubled expression. “It turns out Angie, her new boyfriend, and the kids are all on vacation,” he revealed.

Patty was taken aback. She couldn’t understand why Angie would keep such news from her. John, too, was upset that Angie had planned the trip without consulting him.

Patty didn’t even know Angie was seeing someone new and asked John if he knew the man.

“She mentioned him briefly, but a vacation? And they’ve been planning it for a month,” John said, clearly perturbed.

Patty was disappointed. At the very least, Angie could have informed both her and John about her plans and absence on such an important day.

Later, Patty had a conversation with her daughter, but the hurt still lingered, feeling like a betrayal.

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