7 Things A Man Expects From A Women In Their Love Life

You’ve kissed a lot of toads but haven’t found your Prince yet, right? Should you let go of something that was never meant to be? Read on to find out what makes a guy love a woman and want to marry her.

A woman with her own life: Ladies, please keep in mind that he doesn’t want someone who is too attached. You are more likely to hit the prize if you have your own group of friends and can hang out by yourself.

No first move: So is it “ladies first” or can men be gentlemanly and ask the woman out? The man likes a woman who never goes first. He wants to choose how to woo you and sing to you, so be a girl and let him!

Love is in the air. Does he make your heart beat faster when you see him? Would you like to see him after hearing his voice? Some people may feel these things, but others may feel safe and at ease when they’re with him. This gives the relationship a good base to build on.

Show that you care: As the saying goes, “don’t sweat the small stuff.” But when you’re dating someone new, you have to! He will love you more if you do little things to show that you care.

It’s sexy, but not slutty: Just start out by not showing him too much love in public (PDA). You might scare him away! Men like to take things slowly and like it when women are flirty but not sexual in the beginning of a relationship.

Do not go to bed right away on your first date. Sex can really ruin a relationship that would be lovely otherwise. You two might not have much in common besides having sex. So don’t close the deal right away.

Not a mess: A man wants a woman he can feel good about. He probably won’t do anything bad if he knows he can’t get away with it. Don’t date a guy who is married, seeing other women, or abusing you, either. They’re not worth it.

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