I accidentally overheard husband telling our son not to reveal what he had witnessed to me – Quotes

I accidentally overheard husband telling our son not to reveal what he had witnessed to me

Paige loved her job, even though it meant she had to stay away from home, where her son Mason and her husband Victor lived. Paige and Victor had worked out their marriage through good times and bad, even though they had two losses that were very hard on them.

Victor was a good husband for Paige because he was always there for her after the losses.

Vic would tell Paige, “It’s okay.” “We’ll have our child when it’s time.” What if not? There are other choices.

When they had Mason, they were over the moon because the pregnancy had gone so well. Mason became their main focus.

Vic said, “Mason is a lucky kid.” “He is loved very much.”

Paige was the CEO of a company, which meant she had to travel a lot. That meant she would spend a lot of time alone with her son and husband. She didn’t have to worry about her husband, though, because he was a great dad for Mason.

Vic would say, “I don’t want a babysitter or nanny to watch our son.”

Paige replied, “The evening shifts are all mine if you can work the days.”

Now that Mason was four years old and ready for pre-school, Paige talked to her boss about cutting back on her travels so she could spend more time with her boy.

However, she had to be away for three days for meetings. All she wanted to do was go home and hug her son. She went straight home to her son and husband after leaving the airport.

When she walked into the house, it was quiet, but her husband’s words could be heard upstairs.
“Guy, you need to make me one promise, okay?”

He asked, “Okay, what is it?”

I want you to promise me that you won’t tell your mum what you saw.

The man replied, “But I don’t like keeping secrets.” “Why can’t I tell Mom?”

Vic told his son Mason, “It’s not a secret.” “But Mommy will be sad if we tell her,” “Guy, do you want Mommy to be sad?”

Heaved a sigh, “No, I don’t.”

Paige was shocked when she slowly went downstairs and called her family, “Mason! Victor!” “Mom is home!”

Vic yelled back from upstairs, “We’re in here!” When she went back upstairs, she saw her son playing with his toys and Victor sitting on Mason’s bed.

“What’s going on?” She asked.

Victor winked and said, “Nothing, honey.” “Just a chat with the boys.” “Welcome back.”

He then got up, kissed Paige, and said, “I need to get back to work.”

After what happened, Paige tried to stay calm. She was thinking about what her husband didn’t want her son to tell her because it would make her “sad.”

Paige asked Victor to send pictures of Mason while she was on business trip. She saw a pair of blue shoes in the background of one of the shots. They weren’t from their house.

She was shocked. But she tried to calm down. She thought to herself, “An au pair with fancy shoes.”

When she got back, her son was sleeping by himself. Little boy woke up when she went into Mason’s room. She turned to her son and kissed him.

Then she heard noises coming from the bedroom. “Where is Dad?” She asked.

“Don’t go in there, Mom.” He stopped his mother and said, “You’ll be sad.”

Then she walked in and saw her husband in bed with someone else.

“Paige!” The shock hit Victor. “What you think is wrong!”

“Do I really look that stupid?” Paige asked as the woman locked herself in the bathroom.

Paige told her, “I don’t have anything else to say.”

“Paige, what did you expect?” It was Victor.

He told her, “You’re never here.” “You’re not here ever.” You work or play with Mason all the time when you’re at home. “What about me?”

“I need to talk to people too,” he said. “I also don’t know what you do when you fly all over the country.” I’m sure you have stories too.

Vic, Paige told him, “No.” “I’m not you.” “I took vows that meant something to me.”

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