Single Or Married You Must Immediately Read This… It Will Shock You For Sure! – Quotes

Single Or Married You Must Immediately Read This… It Will Shock You For Sure!

No matter if you’re married or not… This is important to read: My wife made dinner for me that night when I got home. I took her hand and said, “I need to talk to you about something.” She went to a quiet place to eat. I saw the pain in her eyes as I watched. I got stuck and couldn’t find the words to tell her what I was thinking: “I want a divorce.” She didn’t seem upset by what I said and asked me in a soft voice, “Why?” You’re not a man?

We didn’t talk that night, and she cried. She was interested in what was going on with me…

-There was something wrong with our marriage, but I couldn’t say what. I had another woman named Joan at the time, and I had broken up with her. I felt sorry for my wife instead of loving her. I wrote a divorce deal out of a strong sense of guilt. It gave her the house, the car, and 30% of our business.

She took a look at the deal and threw it away. We had been together for 10 years, but now we were just strangers. I felt sorry for her because of all the time she had lost. Her energy wasn’t the same, but it couldn’t change. I liked Joan a lot. She started yelling all of a sudden. Now I had a better idea of what divorce meant.

When I got home the next day, I was writing at the table. After spending the day with Juana, I was too tired to eat dinner and went to sleep. My wife was still writing at the table when I woke up. It didn’t bother me, so I turned around and went back to sleep. My wife told me about the terms of the divorce this morning. She didn’t want anything from me, but she did need a month’s notice before the divorce.

She told me that for one month, we had to act like nothing had happened. She didn’t want to talk about our broken marriage with our son because he had tests all month. Not only did I agree, but she also asked that I carry her to our room like the day we got married. It made sense to me that she was crazy, but that was enough.

Since I told my wife I wanted a divorce, we hadn’t touched since, so when I led her to the front door on the first day, we both felt bad. As he walked behind us, cheering, our son said, “Dad is holding mum in his arms!” What he said hurt me a lot.

I carried my wife for the 10 metres. She shut her eyes and said, “Don’t tell our son that we’re getting a divorce.” After that I went to work. I went to work by myself. We were both calmer on the second day.

The way she leaned against my chest made her blouse smell good. I saw now that I hadn’t looked at it very carefully. When I saw that she wasn’t as young as she used to be and had some lines and grey hair, I knew that our marriage was in trouble. I thought for a moment and then asked myself, “What did I do?” On the fourth day, I felt like we were getting closer again. This is the woman who lived for 10 years with me. On the fifth and sixth days, it kept going. I didn’t say anything about Joan.

It got easier to carry my wife every other day, and the month was almost over. I thought her weight wouldn’t bother me anymore. She wasn’t sure what to wear one morning. It seemed like every dress she tried on was too big for her. That’s when I realised she was very thin, which was why I didn’t feel her weight. All of a sudden, I realised that I had caused a lot of hurt and anger.

I don’t think she knew she touched my hair. When our son walked in, he told our dad, “Dad, it’s time to take Mom to the door.” What became an important part of my son’s life was seeing his dad take her mother to the door every day. She hugged him, and I put my hand over my face. I was afraid that I had changed my mind about getting a divorce. It felt like the day we got married when I held my wife close to the door.

It felt good when she stroked my neck. Just like on our wedding night, I held her tight. We hugged and I didn’t move. She looked so thin, which made me sad. On our last day together, I couldn’t help but hug her and tell her I didn’t know we didn’t have any privacy. Our kid was at school. When I got to work, I left the car door open and climbed the stairs. When Joan opened the door, I said, “Excuse me, I’m sorry, I don’t want to divorce my wife.”

Joan asked me if I was feverish. What I said:

Even though my wife and I love each other, we were getting bored with the things we were doing. Since I began carrying her to the room, we didn’t care about the little things in our lives. Joan started to cry, hit me, and shut the door. I got in my car and drove to the flowers after going down the stairs.

It was my wife’s birthday. The flower girl asked me what I would write on the card. I told her to write, “I will carry you every morning until death separates us.” When I got home, I smiled and held flowers in my hands as I ran up the stairs. When I went… I found my wife who was dead. I didn’t know that my wife had cancer because I was too busy with Joan. My wife asked for a month’s notice before the divorce because she knew she was going to die soon. She did this so that our son wouldn’t have bad memories of the divorce.

No matter what, my son will always remember his father as a good husband who loved his wife. Not the house, car, or bank account, but these little things are what matter in a friendship. Everything just makes a setting that you think will make you happy, but it doesn’t. Share this story on your wall to try to keep your marriage happy. You might save a marriage that way. Every story of someone who fails is the same: they give up just as they are about to succeed. When we lose something, we don’t know what we had…

We hope this made you think, whether you are married or not.

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